Petition to Late Withdraw a Course to Register Office

Unfortunately, I have failed to pass my exam, but I would like to stress the fact that it was not the result of my personal failure because of my unwillingness to study or prepare to my exam. Instead, my failure at the exam was the result of the impact of objective factors which prevented me from the adequate preparation to the exam. Otherwise, as I am convinced, I would pass the exam successfully, as I normally do.

In this respect, I should say that my psychological state prior to the exam was very uncertain because I was very concerned with the health of my mother. She fell ill and we did not know for sure what her problem actually was, but her health deteriorated day after day. Naturally, this disturbed me a lot and I could not concentrate on my learning and preparation to exams. I was worried about my mother since she is very important for me as well as my family. I believe my family is the most significant thing in my life and cannot stay aside when I know that a member of my family suffer from an illness.

In addition, I got acute congestion and serious problems with my eyes. I believe it was a result of stress in a way, but also I spend a lot of time reading to come prepared to my exam. As my time had practically run out, I had to spend hours reading. No wonder I got acute congestion.

Naturally, in such a situation I could not prepare to my exam properly and, therefore, I failed it. However, the only thing I really needed and still need is time, a few days to prepare properly to my exam and pass it.

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