Philosophy sample essay

The philosophers play a considerable part in solving the environmental crisis on the planet. A lot depends on the human psychology, as well as problems and misunderstandings. That is why philosophers, using their methods, can help to determine the real problem and consequently people will be able to find a way out of the situation.

Philosophers have to use their power of conviction, thinking and giving the proper advice to cope with the environmental crisis.

The obligations that philosophers have include creative thinking and reflecting the real situation and real problems.

Clever calculations and evaluation of the situation will help determine the problem and then to solve it. The obligations are to educate people, to explain them the current situation, to give an advice and explanation. Sometimes it is better even to change the outlook and the way of people’s thinking to reach certain results. Being capable of that, philosophers can have a great influence on people’s minds, they can stimulate them and show the other ways of solving the problem and dealing with the crisis that people have never known about or even heard of.

The philosophical questions that philosophers should be asking in order to address this problem should include: What are the details of the problem? What has been done to solve the problem? What can we do to limit the influence of the crisis? What is the plan of actions? What do we have to change? What is the most important issue that causes the environmental crisis? How can innovative approaches benefit the situation? This way it will be easier to find the answers and to take measures.

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