Physician-Assisted Suicide essay

Thinking about physician-assisted suicide, it seems to me that people have the right to make their own decisions about actions that affect themselves. And the right to choose to die is based on the principle of the right to self-government. Of course, there are a lot of debatable aspects in this question, one state that life is the highest value for any person, but if life is connected only with the unbearable suffering then the person has the reorientation of values, and death as relief from suffering is accepted as a great boon. In such a way, nobody has the right to take away this boon from the person.

In addition, I strongly believe that a physician should be allowed to assist a patient’s suicide, but there also should be used specific strict rules for the purpose to avoid the use of this right in criminal way.

Replying to Brianna’s statement, I want to agree with her arguments. It seems to me that it is better to allow physicians to help their terminally ill patients to die than to continue their sufferings. If physician-assisted suicide will improve one’s situation and the patient wants to be deprived of life then physicians’ actions should be considered a kind of help, and it is better to help the patient to commit suicide with the use of lethal injection for the purpose to stop the suffering of the patient immediately than to wait till the patient will find the way to die in another way.

To add, I also want to share Elizabeth’s point of view because in a case of physician-assisted suicide people have an opportunity to end their life in humane way, and they also have an opportunity to say goodbye to the own family and relatives. Physicians occupy the role of mediator between life and death, and their aim is to help their patients to leave the world (of course, in a case of incurable disease and by the patient’s request) with dignity. For the purpose to avoid some abuses of physician-assisted suicide, the law should provide a clear list of conditions under which physician-assisted suicide is permissible, and to create a mechanism for strict control over the fulfillment of the requirements of the law.

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