Planet Earth Visit

Travelling through different planets and seeing different worlds, it is probably possible to get used to the existence of some common standards and norms of life, behavior, morals, etc. On the other hand, it is also obvious that each planet has its unique traits and characteristics. In this regard, the Earth is not an exception from the common rule.

At the same time, being on the Earth, it is necessary to remember the principle: being on the Earth do as humans inhabiting this planet do.

Speaking about the Earth, it is necessary to underline that this planet may seem to be very friendly and an occasional visitor may be even surprised the warm reception he/she, or whatever the visitor is, could get here. As a rule, people quite friendly with newcomers and, in fact, it is even possible to estimate that if a visitor from another planet will behave as humans do, they would accept him/her as equal. In fact, humans always dreamed about the contact with extraterrestrial civilizations but in their expectation of contact with other civilizations their major traits may be easily revealed which are highly controversial and not very nice as for representatives of an intelligent race, as humans are.

In this respect, it should be said that, on spending some times on the Earth, a visitor from another planet may learn the main rules and norms that are established here. Each person should eat, drink, work, have a family, or at least a kind of relationship that could be qualified as familial, and be a member of a community. In such a way, it is possible to divide human needs into two definite categories biological, such as the need to eat and drink, and social, such as the need to be a member of a community, to have a family, friends, etc. These needs define the behavior of humans and their philosophy.

The satisfaction of their primary needs is essential for their survival, but humans, being intelligent, do not limit themselves with the satisfaction of the minimal needs that can maintain their life. Instead, they prefer to surround themselves with commodities that make their life more comfortable and the more commodities are in the possession of an individual the more respected he/she is, while his physical, intellectual, moral qualities often turn to be secondary. In actuality, the Earth is a status civilization and to be respected both humans and visitors should demonstrate that they are rich and powerful. Otherwise, they will not be respected. This is why there is exists a striking inequality between humans inhabiting the planet.

At the time, the satisfaction of the basic human needs, the acquisition of commodities and goods, accumulation of the wealth, and gaining the possibly higher social rank are the things humans are focused on. A visitor from another planet would better focus on them too because, if he/she fails to prove his ability to be equal or superior to humans they will likely to use the visitor in their own interests, to meet the needs, which have been just listed above.

This is why, on visiting the Earth, one should be prepared to accept the philosophy and model of behavior of humans because they either destroy him/her because of the fear of his/her power or exploit him/her because of his/her weakness.

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