Planning Messages

Planning is an important part of writing process. Many writing guides advice to start any work from planning. This way writer can reach the best results in passing his thoughts to the audience. I also share this opinion. I can not agree with those, who believe that writing plan is nothing but a waste of time because after some time of writing writers forget about the plan and use new ideas. There are several arguments, which prove an importance of plan in the writing process.

First of all many people have a strong barrier when starting a writing process. It is very hard to them to start writing. They need a push and an encouragement in order to start working. In this case planning can become that very push and encouragement. Planning differs from writing. While writing the plan you do not need to use complicated sentence structure and figurative language. You can use simple structures and any language you like. From the other side writing a plan is still writing and it can become a first step when staring a writing process. After writing a plan passing to other steps, such as writing a draft, will be much easier, to my opinion. There is one more great advantage of plan writing. It is very important since it enables writers to put their thoughts in order. If we use a plan while writing we can be sure that the parts of our narration will be logically connected and taken all together they will make a one whole. Writing a plan can help us to learn to put our thoughts in logical order. Even if we will not use our initial plan during the writing process, we still have an idea about the logical order in our head. Planning can also be useful for preparing for writing process. While making a plan we can find out that we lack some information or some data in order to make a good work. For this purpose we can perform some additional research and become better prepared for future writing process. In this case nothing will interrupt the very process of writing, when we finally start it.

While writing a plan we enumerate all essential points of our future paper. Later we can make the sentences from our plan and expand each of them into a paragraph. This way we can get not only an idea about the style, form, and length of our future essay, but also know the number of paragraphs we plan to write. Changing the length of each paragraph we can regulate the length of our paper. If we use the plan we can be sure that our narration will have all necessary parts, such as introduction, body and conclusion and plan helps to put them all into the right order.

Those, who state that writing plan is nothing but a waste of time probably do not know that plan helps them even in the case they change the plan in the process of writing. Same as the first draft is necessary for good writing, even if there is nothing left from in the final version of our writing, the plan becomes a starting point of our work even in we change it in the future. Planning is good for the development of both discipline and creativity and that is the reasons I believe it to be a very important component of writing process.

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