Police interrogation essay

Police interrogation essay

Police interrogation represents a set of techniques that have been initially used by the CIA. Its common knowledge that police interrogation is used to fish out some valuable information related to some crime from prisoners or those who are suspected to have committed the crime. Police interrogation has a number of positive sides, including the fact that it helps to find out the details of the crime in the shortest time possible. On the other hand, it is also associated with some negative aspects, such as the fact that the means of obtaining information used by the police officers are often violent and non-humanistic. Thus, police interrogation has a number of benefits and drawbacks, the in-depth analysis of which is provided below.

The first question to be answered in relation to the issue of police interrogation is whether it helps to obtain valuable information in the shortest time possible. In fact, it is a rather controversial question, but the truth is that everyone tortured by the police speaks in the end. Police uses various enhanced techniques in order to make a person talk to the point as soon as possible. This happens because the situation in which a potential criminal finds him/herself is highly uncomfortable. This leads to an assumption that among the benefits of police interrogation is the fact that it helps to fish out information from the potential criminals quicker than any other techniques. This helps to save lives of innocent people and ultimately protect the society from a threat of further criminal activity of the interrogated person. Police interrogation is highly beneficial in case there is a need to find out something in the shortest time imaginable. Various techniques used during police interrogation help to achieve this goal with much efficiency.

On the other hand, police interrogation is directly related to the question of whether it is at all ethical to use strict techniques of interrogation in order to obtain some kind of information. In fact, the interrogated person might have no relation to the crime. This raises a question of whether it is justified to torture people for the sake of getting some sort of information. Today, the USA is against using torture during the interrogation of potential criminals, but this rule is not always followed by the police officers who often use severe methods of obtaining information from the potentially dangerous individuals, which is a negative side of police interrogation.

Among others, the obtained information might not always be true and reliable. People who suffer from torture during the interrogation are eager to say anything to ensure that their sufferings come to an end. That is why people who confess in committing this or that crime do not necessarily give truthful information. In most cases, they simply want the pain to stop. Furthermore, police interrogation can last for many hours, so that interrogated individuals are often deprived of an opportunity to get some sleep. Ultimately, they become desperate and are willing to do or tell anything at all that would help them get out of the police office. People are deprived of not only sleep, but also an opportunity to take a shower or have some rest. Such severe methods of interrogation are claimed to be efficient, but in reality they make the things even worse, as people become desperate and cannot really understand that the things they say may be interpreted in a wrong way, which might lead to unfavorable consequences. Thus, in order to change this situation, there is a dire need to change the techniques used by police officers during the interrogation. This will help to avoid a situation when the interrogated person tells misleading information just for the sake of being released by the police.

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