Policing in American Society Essay Paper

In this paper I would like to analyze the relationship between police organization and USA government. The main goals of my work are to show the impact of policing organization work on American society and its interrelation with government of USA.

Previously, the influence of the government and police organizations experienced the only strikers, miners or dark-skinned people, but now I would say that police organizations influence at everyone.

I want to say that the freedom of every person of our society is in danger now. Government is developing legislation and introduces them to life. In turn police builds its system, branching it, creates division. Therefore, the relationship between police organizations and the government are broken and doesn’t work.

Basic civil rights were violated by police organizations, who built a prison business. Even for the pettiest crime citizens go to prison and stay there as much as the offender has committed a serious crime. Such discontent we can hear from the audience of our society.

Now let’s analyze the police as a term and as a system of internal affairs. It is very interesting to study, and the essence of it is precisely the system, relatively isolated from the government. On the example of the United States the police system is the fourth power of a state mechanism, as the U.S. police combines the features as the executive and the legislative and judicial branches. For example, police departments of large cities have the right to publish different kinds of rules, regulations, etc., as they have their own courts efferenting judgments on minor offenses.

Very interesting is the fact that some police chiefs (in New York, Washington) and the sheriffs are elected to these positions by popular vote.

I would like to give a brief description police organizations work given the powers conferred on them by the government for the successful settlement of the relations between citizens in society.

The basic U.S. law enforcement agencies that have federal status are the Ministry of Justice, the Federal Treasury and the National Postal Service. Generally in the U.S. there are two types of policing: General Services Administration, whose duties are similar to the duties of local police departments and services with a limited purpose, which are engaged in a patrol and investigative activities.

City Police Department is organized usually on the same principle as the departments of the federal government.

Police is a tool to fight with social crime. The system also includes the prosecution service, courts, service, supervision and monitoring service.

In the U.S. there are thousands of private security services. At these services staff members performing police work are involved and the use of such staff increases. Large corporations often organize their own security service to combat theft, robbery, fraud and corporate espionage within the company.

As we see from the examples policing organizations have enough rights that were belonged by government. We can say that they represent an independent institution that creates laws.

In most police departments, according to Vila & Morris (1999), 60-70% of the work time patrol officers deal with cases not involving criminal activity. They carry out activities on missing people, especially children, family issues, policing during the mass marches, rallies and meetings, as well as cases involving the hospitalization of victims. In some cities, were organized and successfully operate civilian patrols, carrying out preventive activities.

To date, the United States paid more attention to the police departments and services administration professionalism, improve the operational effectiveness of police patrols, especially in major metropolitan areas. With the increasing of   the corruption percentage in the ranks of police officers has been significantly increased control over the personnel coming from the police academy.

I should say that U.S. law, police powers – a law passed by the state or municipal government for the implementation of legislative regulation of civil interests, protect the safety, health, and all that concerns the citizens as well as for preventive activities in respect of criminal offenses, mass demonstrations and riots associated with them. Precise terms of reference of the police are very difficult to determine because it is constantly updated with the development level of society, technology, the emergence of new government agencies or reorganization thereof. For example, it includes the maintenance of peace and order, the licensing of certain trade and professional activity (private investigators practice), the regulation of relations between civil society associations and corporations, management and security publications so-called Blue Sky Laws promoting prevention predatory attitude towards nature, supervise the observance of labor legislation and other areas of regulation relating to human rights and civil rights.

Summing it up I’d like to say that the role of the police service as a U.S. social services every year is increasing. The police, being almost the only all day emergency services with a broad power, sometimes wearing a discretionary nature, in contemporary American society is gradually acquires a universal social.


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