Pornography debate essay

Pornography debate essay

Pornographic industry has reached its peak in the recent years, and today it is claimed to be one of the most prosperous industries with thousands of adherents. However, pornography is a contradictory issue that continues to be argued about. Debates on whether pornography is at all needed continue up to these days, but the solution to the problem has not yet been found. There are both pros and cons of pornography. Some of the most popular of them will be analyzed further.

Among the disadvantageous features of pornography are unrealistic expectations of the viewers. The viewers see sexually attractive women and men in the pornographic movies that are not always true to life. Some people suggest that watching of such pornographic videos can provoke unreal expectations in regard to how their own sexual partners have to look like and behave during the sexual intercourse. It has been proved that people who watch pornographic movies expect women to be more resourceful in sex, although in reality it cannot always be realized. In fact, people simply forget that those who are involved in pornographic industry just do their job and should not be perceived as those who really behave in this or that way during a sexual intercourse.

Furthermore, many of the pornographic movies instill a longing for unusual sexual practices in the viewers. If to watch such movies regularly, men and women might experience problems with getting aroused. Some studies have shown that pornographic movies might provoke a desire for experiments during the sexual intercourse. What is more, pornography leads to sexual addiction. It especially concerns the pornographic movies that can be found in the Internet. Just like alcohol and drugs, pornography might provoke a longing for more and more videos. Studies on addictive behavior show that too much pornography on the Internet provokes addiction among viewers towards such kind of videos.

On the other hand, there are some positive aspects associated with pornography. Some people claim that instead of provoking a disrespectful attitude to everything related to sex, pornography encourages people to treat sexual relations with more respect. If a person is not that interested in pornography, however, it may be regarded just as a reference. This means that a person treats pornography as guidelines for inspiration and further actions. Furthermore, both partners may enjoy watching pornography if it inspires them towards sex. It might be regarded simply as a toy for people in love. Some couples watch pornography simply to satisfy their sexual desires and fantasies. Moreover, they might use the material in the pornographic movies for further action. It is not bad to treat pornography in the above mentioned manner. If a couple is interested in experimentation, they might enjoy watching pornographic movies and afterwards get pleasure from sexual intercourse with one another.

What is more, some people claim that pornography is simply too inflated as a topic for discussion. It just serves to fulfill the quite normal need for sex. Every person starts feeling a sexual desire once he/she sees a naked body of either a man or woman. In this regard, it should be admitted that pornography has a great number of adherents, and not all of them become addicted or wrongfully interpret the scenes shown in pornographic videos. It simply helps them to masturbate. Many people are satisfied with a single drink of alcohol a day. They do it just to relax and feel pleasure. The same is with pornography. By viewing pornographic videos, many people simply get rid of tension after a long and tiresome day of work, for example. Similarly, there are people who do not feel satisfaction if they have only one drink, so that in case of pornography, such people would also watch pornographic videos all day long. All depends on one’s personal needs.

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