Portrait of a Writer research paper

It is known that writing is an art that requires efforts, patience and skills. The process of writing is focused on the knowledge and personal experience of the writer. Writing gives an opportunity to transmit the individual’s thoughts and ideas. Each writer has his own approach to the writing process. As a rule, writing depends on the emotional state of the writer, on his or her personal characteristics and behavior (Elbow 23). Among the greatest writers are William Shakespeare, Jack London, Sidney Sheldon, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Ayn Rand, Jules Verne and a number of other writers who are famous all over the world and whose works are known to any educated man. As for me, I really appreciate their literary works. Some of their wonderful works deserve admiration.  Of course, it is very interesting for me to compose a portrait of myself as a writer.

I’d like to start with my writing style. I think that writing style is one of the most components of effective writing. I know that writing style is the writer’s manner to address to the audience (Elbow 25).  Besides, I am sure that the style of writing can reveal the writer’s personality. In my writing, I prefer to choose compound sentences with a number of subordinate clauses. These elements can help me to make my speech more beautiful and clear. I try to use formal diction and pay special attention to the words I use in sentence construction. I always try to avoid vulgar slang words in my writing because they can ruin the effect of speech. In this case, the readers’ attitude to the writing will be negative.

My writing process consists of several parts which are closely connected with each other. First of all, I try to organize my thoughts on this or that issue by means of finding necessary information on the issue that will be discussed in my paper. I use not only books and newspapers, academic journals and magazines, but also I use online information. Today the Internet gives a chance to find any information or confirming evidence that can be effectively used in the paper.  I pay special attention to the outline in my writing process which can give me an opportunity to arrange my thoughts in a proper way.  Secondly, I use the above mentioned techniques in my writing process and create my work (an essay, report, or short story). Thirdly, I try to revise my text when I see that some parts of my work are not correct, or they are meaningless. I know that writing is a process, and it is very important to realize that it is necessary to explain ideas and thoughts clearly and in an organized way. One of the most important things for any writer is to capture the readers’ attention. The major goal of my writing process is to communicate my thoughts and ideas clearly in regards to my style of writing, the content development and the structure of my essay.

I have already done a great number of works which include narrative essays, argumentative essays, descriptive essays, persuasive essays, reports, research works which require the use of a variety of sources. I really enjoy writing narrative essays, when I tell a story about my real-life experience or experiences. In this case, I try to make my writing interesting for the readers. My stories are always vivid as I pay special attention to the composition of my essays. As a rule, narrative essays are written in the first person what gives an opportunity to engage the readers’ attention. In addition, I really enjoy writing reports and research papers. These kinds of writing require the use of the Internet and online libraries. I really enjoy discussing different literary works, articles, essays, documents, etc. When I find the appropriate sources for my research paper or report, I try to choose the most important material. As a rule, my paper has the following structure: introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, and references. My outline helps me to write an effective essay, report or research paper. I know that one of the most important elements of any kind of writing is a thesis statement. A thesis statement is one or two sentences that are used to summarize the main points of an essay or research paper. A thesis statement should be well-developed, and supported in the text of the paper by means of different examples (Elbow 34).

However, I do not like writing poetic works because it is rather difficult for me to rhyme words. I have already had an experience of writing poems, but, to tell the truth, my poems are not perfect. Although I try to follow all the writing rules in my writing process, sometimes I have problems with punctuation and articles. In some cases, the usage of commas for separating sentences, words, and word combinations and the usage of articles block me in my writing.

To sum up, I really enjoy writing, but as I am an international student from Kuwait, I still have some problems with grammar and punctuation. However, I try to do my best to improve my writing skills and the quality of my works. The information I have learned from the readings can help me to change my conception of myself as a writer.

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