Power Presentations essay paper

The preparation of any presentation is a very serious task, which is not so easy to fulfil because quite often it makes me a bit nervous. One may say that it is very bed for a presenter to be nervous. But, judging from my own experience, I would say that, on the contrary, such a mood helps me to concentrate on my work and prepare the presentation much more thoroughly as if I were absolutely calm and sure in my success. Thus, preparing a presentation I prepare myself in advance for numerous and difficult questions that I may be asked. As a result I get a large knowledge of the subject that naturally helps me to overcome my agitation. Also I want to underline that, due to such a thorough preparation for presentations, I acquire experience and, consequently, my presentations become more and more successful and properly organized. Another challenge I face to is the necessity to take into consideration individual peculiarities of the audience. So, I have to take into account the psychological characteristics of the audience, the educational level of people, their age, etc. For this I have to be a very skillful psychologist and a very persuasive orator. Thus, to overcome all the challenges that one faces in presentations it is necessary to follow the principles I have just mentioned, namely they are a thorough preparation before the presentation, no agitation during the presentation, the ability of a presenter to attract the audience due to a deep knowledge of human psychology and individual characteristics of people, and, finally, an interesting form of the presentation.

As I have just said for a successful presentation we need to take into account individual peculiarities of the audience. So, if we prepare a presentation for groups which differ in age, educational level, income range, etc. We`ll then have to prepare a bit different presentations. For instance, it is obvious that a group of CEO`s earning over one million dollars will be more interested in the financial side of the presentation and it is necessary to make it financially attractive for them. A group of corporate employees, who are required to attend the training, would be rather interested in the recent trends in management and prospects of career promotion then in other points of the presentation. Whereas a group of technology employees would be also extremely interested not only in their professional prospects but also and mainly in the technological part of the presentation. I would highly recommend using the latest technological equipment in order to make the presentation as much informative as possible and at the same time more convenient and easy to perceive and understand for this group. As for a volunteer group of men and women between the ages of 50-60 it is necessary to realize what such people expect from the presentation. Being of a pre-retirement age, they would like a traditional or even a bit conservative presentation oriented on the possible free-time activities or it may also be any humanitarian activities that would make this group feel to be an essential part of the society even after their retirement. Thus, if we take into account all factors mentioned in my work I believe we will succeed in making good presentations.

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