PowerGen Case Essay

The question of electricity has become one of the most significant in the recent years and as it usually happens it caused significant changes in the development of the industry in it global understanding: “Increasing electricity consumption and demand in different regions of the world continues to change the global electricity landscape. In 2007 the total volume of electricity consumed jumped by 6%. This is expected to grow by 37% in 2012. Global electricity generation is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 2.6% till 2030. Once there were only vertically integrated giants providing power from the source to the consumer. Deregulation and privatisation have forced electricity generators and suppliers to operate in a competitive market to sell their electricity to customers; comprising of industrial, commercial, household, transportation and agricultural users” (Economy Watch, 2010). It goes without saying that the companies operating on the energy market change according to the Global changes of the market itself. This essay would examine one of the most significant participants on the European Energy Market known also as PowerGen. There would be provided investigation of the strategy and corporate planning of the company, general position on the European Energy Market and comparison of the corporation to the other competitors, for example Electricité de France and E-ON, the crititical evaluation of privatization and deregulation effects in the British Electricity industry as well as ”˜centralised approach to planning associated with the Central Electricity Generating Board’ in the context of Geert Hofstede’s article would be also represented in the work. It goes without saying that the examination of the contemporary Energy marke is one of the most contradictory, as it  is in constant development

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