Powerplay in “Anthony and Cleopatra” essay

Powerplay in Anthony and Cleopatra is represented on two levels: imperial and interpersonal. I try to represent all events and heroes’ emotions in detail.

Act 1: Great lover Cleopatra was famous by her temptation-art and Anthony couldn’t resist her woman charms. He deserted his family for Cleopatra and her passion, but at least Anthony had to come back Rome. This unfaithfulness reduced to the death of Anthony’s wife and quarrels with Octavius. We see the first victim of their love.

Act 2: Imperial level gains the upper hand over the interpersonal. Anthony got marry with Octavia to keep the peace with Octavius. Cleopatra was upset and became furious but politics demanded that event. Her heart was full of jealousy. She vented all her anger upon her servants.

Act 3: Anthony forgot the political duties and made Cleopatra a queen of Egypt and one third of Roman Empire.

Octavius was beside himself with rage. The 4-th act is the richest for events. It is difficult to determine what level is predominating. Firstly Anthony threatened Cleopatra to kill her, but he couldn’t survive her death and committed a suicide. He paid the highest price for his love his own life.

Act 5: Cool and prudent Octavius demanded from Cleopatra to give herself up. Cleopatra decided that it would be better to die and be with her lover on the heaven than to surrender to the enemy. Her will comes true when they were buried in one tomb. I think in this case Octavius showed magnanimity, burring lovers together.

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