Premier Inn Budget Hotel essay

Premier Inn is one of the largest budget hotel chains in the UK. At the moment Premier Inn operates internationally, including such countries as the UK, the UAE, the Republic of Ireland, and India. In actuality, the company is also vulnerable to the negative impact of the economic recession just like many other budget hotels in the UK as well as other countries of the world. Premier Inn attempts to enhance its position in the market and the introduction of innovations is very prospective in terms of the successful business development of the company.

Premier Inn can use the full potential of the chain of its budget hotels and compensate financial losses caused by the economic crisis through the increase of operations in India, which is an emerging economy that keeps growing, regardless of the global financial crisis. In such a situation, Premier Inn pays a particular attention to the introduction of innovations which can help the company to take the lead in the industry and to enhance its competitive position in the market. Just like many other budget hotels, Premier Inn cannot spend substantial resources in the introduction of innovations because costly innovations will rise spending of budget hotels. Therefore, budget hotels will have to raise price to cover its spending and costs of maintenance and introduction of the innovation. Therefore Premier Inn is looking for cost-efficient innovation which can bring considerable benefits for the company.

Customized Suits Online

In such a context, suits customized online by clients of budget hotels are a new service, which has not been implemented in the hotel industry yet. To put it more precisely, customized suits are suits that are customized by clients of budget hotels, according to their specific needs, wants and expectations (Clarke and Chen, 2007). Clients can order the equipment of suits which they consider to be essential, for instance, they may order air conditioning, satellite TV, and other equipment, which they may need while staying in the hotel. In addition, they may order other specifications, such as the color of curtains, carpets, specifications of the bed, and other specifications which make them feel comfortable in the hotel room. In fact, customers can even order certain paintings and other issues that may be important for them as they travel and stay in the hotel room.

At the same time, each item ordered by clients will influence the overall price of the suit. Therefore, customized suits will allow customers to order suits respectively to their budget and their needs. Customers will have an opportunity to book a suit that has the standardized equipment and conveniences, while any further specifications will increase the price of the suit. Therefore, customers will be able to calculate the price of their suit and to order specifications that they like.

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