Presenting a Business Opportunity in Your Career Field

Presenting a Business Opportunity in Your Career Field

1. Your problem statement ”“ be certain to relate this opportunity to your career field reasoning and the business challenge that you reported from Assignment #2. Please also include your major, and a specific industry you have researched (this should beeither your current or a potential future job).

2. A summary description of the data you used to “resolve” the challenge.

3. A short PowerPoint (or equivalent) presentation presenting your perceived business opportunity.

4. A (not more than 3 pages “brief”) report that “backs up” the PowerPoint presentation.

looking to learn a lot in a short amount of time. As such the same rules apply:

1. The content, comprehensiveness, and accuracy of the briefing content (80%)

2. The organization and clarity of the presentation ”“ the presentation must be not hard to read (20%)

Late assignments will not be accepted and results must be placed into our class digital

Extra credit is available for doing more research into specific areas but all extra credit must be pre-arranged in advance.

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