President Andrew Essay

We live in a hard time and our country is faced to many problems. Our country is powerful and waiting for changes. Only we, as representatives of our nation can resolutely change situation. Nowadays society is disturbed by the events which have a place in our country and we should do a step to the improvement of this situation. Our actions should be directed on the stabilization of political situation in our country and our words should be right. Every day we discussed situation, but it only words”¦.

I think that we should prove to people that their choice was right and we as representatives of government can come to a right conclusion and protect our nation from the wrong policy.

I emerge for the denouncing President Andrew Johnson’s Reconstruction policies. I’m against of Reconstruction policy and I think that it was a mistake to adopt such policy. Our nation suffered from it results and people struggled for their rights every day, every minute and even every second. All people should be free and no doubt that in the nearest future my words become true and we will live in free country, where interest of every person will be kept and there will be no difference what color your skin is.

I agree that there were a several good moments in Reconstruction policy, but the time of change is covered our country and only by our own efforts, using our mind and strong belief we can do our life better and help people to love and respect their country. I want my children be proud for the United States and in any way be shame for their father actions.

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