President Andrew Term Paper

“A rumor says: “A house, divided in two parts, can not stand”. So our state, and I am herein convinced, will not be able constantly to be half slavery, half free.”

Abraham Lincoln. Springfield, the state Illinois  

I want to express you my opinion and my speech will be about President Andrew Johnson’s Reconstruction policy. I have a lot of thoughts about this policy and I saw the result of it by own eyes. I am for denouncing President Andrew Johnson’s Reconstruction policies.

Let’s look at this policy more attentive and analyze the information what we have.

First of all, Johnson considered that for Reconstruction of the Southern states it is necessary to conduct the followings measures: the Southern states must acknowledge abolition of slavery; the soldiery debts of the former mutinous states are liquidated; in realization Reconstruction can participate all white people, who will bring an oath loyalty; realization of Reconstruction is managed not by Congress, but by President of the United States.

In the questions of South Reconstruction reflected a politician Johnson interests of planters and reactionary circles bourgeoisies, which feared that realization of bourgeois-democratic transformations on South would result in deepening of revolution.

The Johnson’s program caused opposition outside workers and  farmers of North, which four years battled against plantations owners and  did not wish to assume renewal of their power on South. The most active opponents of the program of Johnson are Negroes, because renewal of power planter conflicted with their class interests. It is the short list of this policy results. And what is our debt? Yes, your thoughts are really right. Our debt is to protect people’s rights and do our best for the countries prosperity. Due to this I think that the Reconstruction policy acceptation was a mistake and we should correct it by the way of denouncing.

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