President essay

We all know, to be a leader, especially to be a President of a country is a very responsible mission. A President has to take care of his people.

What people are expected from their President? Living conditions improvement, of course, and what we have got? We all live in a huge, blessed country, named America. And all citizens know, that in America not only reach white folks are lived, also, emigrants from Africa, who were slaves so many years are lived here. Now,     Senate and deputies support emancipation from slavery, because we all thing, we have to stop it and give rights to all black people. So many years we have been misusing them for private profit, we all know, masters raped their black maidservants; many of them gave birth to babies. Those children have no rights, too, like their mothers. I think it is horrible, and we all have voted for emancipation from slavery, but why the President, who is commoner, is denied it? On my opinion, when the American leader is the racist, then, no good will come of it. Every personality (black, white, Indian) must be equal for the leader of the country. We must not deny black people’s rights to vote, to be freemen. We have to remember, we came here to America, too. The land was not our and only strength of our forefathers did not enable us to be slaves. Big thanks them for this. We have no rights to sway the destinies of people.

We must give the opportunity to all people to do something for their country, regardless of color of their skin.

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