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On July 10, the company Multimedia Pictures is going to release its new animated film in a 3-D format, which is a new step in the development of animated films and the major event of the year of 2011. The new animated film, “2100: Invasion of Paradise”, is the film that depicts the exploration of the outer space and colonization of new planets by humans. The director of the film, John Cusack, and the screen writer, Tom Hill, talk about their new film as about their vision of the future of the mankind and its first kind with extraterrestrial civilizations. The director of the film points out that the main point of “2100: Invasion of Paradise” is the depiction of a possible development of the first contact of humans with the intelligent life beyond the Earth and possible consequences of their first contact. In this regard, the film depicts quite a pessimistic forecast of the future of the mankind and its first contact with an extraterrestrial civilization.

To put it more precisely, the film focuses on the adventures of the expedition headed by Adam Jones sent from the Earth to far galaxies, where the expedition is supposed to find a new place, where humans can move to from the overpopulated and polluted Earth. The film depicts in details the adventures of the expedition. The head of the expedition has a symbolic name Adam, which implies the first man in the world created by God and the director of the film attempted to show that humans headed by Adam Jones could have found the new Eden, the paradise lost. To put it more precisely, the expedition finds the remote world, where the under-developed civilization exists, being free of technological advances available to humans. People arrive to the planet, which they called Sigma 4, and attempt to establish the contact with the local population. At first, humans are amazed with the life of the local population, which resembles early humans at the dawn of their civilization.

Humans living in 2100 enjoy benefits of the advanced technologies, which make their life easier but still they suffer from overpopulation and growing pollution, which has made their life unbearable and provoked serious mutations of human race. In such a situation, the discovery of the remote planet with a virgin civilization, which has never been harmed by the technology, becomes one of the greatest discovery in the life of the entire mankind because the discovery made by the expedition opens the way for humans to escape from the Earth and to settle in Sigma 4. Adam Jones and his companions are full of expectations and they are overwhelmed with joy, when the local population friendly invites them to settle on their planet. In this regard, the new planet becomes the target destination for humans and Adam Jones believes that he has found the perfect place, where people can settle and start a new, better, perfect life, on the one hand, and bring the best achievements of human civilization to the native population of Sigma 4. Being full of positive expectations, Adam Jones returns back to the Earth, where the news of the discovery of the new planet, where people can settle spreads rapidly.

Adam Jones is an idealistic explorer, who believes in the possibility to change the world and mankind for better. His discovery brings him hope to change the life of people for better. However, his discovery provokes the rush of people to Sigma 4, where people settle and develop their communities, regardless of interests of the local population. Unlike Adam Jones and his expedition, new colonists neglect rules and values of the local population and the invasion of the paradise begins. In the course of several years, Sigma 4 becomes the target destination for millions of people, who move to the new planet and bring their technology there. However, colonists have a devastating impact on the planet and the local population. At first, the native population has to move to remote regions of the planet but soon the native population starts to die en masse under the impact of changes in the environment brought by humans to Sigma 4 with their technology and lifestyle. The global change strikes the entire planet and the local population and many species grow extinct. Even though humans keep living there, Adam Jones understands that Sigma 4 is doomed to follow the lead of the Earth and its decay and degradation is just a matter of time. Being desperate of the devastating impact of his discovery, he takes the rest of the native population of Sigma 4 and flees to other galaxies in search of a new planet, where he can start a new civilization, which he has been dreaming of.
So, this animation film will be the film of the year and the audience will definitely enjoy the film and its first night on July 10, 2011.









I am an animation major and currently I am looking for job opportunities. I have always been interested in animation. I paid a lot of attention to my education. At the same time, education alone is not enough for my professional development. This is why I attempted to expand my professional skills and knowledge and learn from the experience of other animators, who have already got professional experience of work in the animation industry. On studying their experience, I understood that it is important to implement my internal inclinations and to preserve my individuality. This is probably why I was quite successful in my learning and received good grades. At the same time, I believe that it is not enough to receive a good education. Instead, an individual needs to keep progressing constantly to be a good and successful professional. This is why I always attempt to maintain close communication with other animators because it helps me to learn their experience and share my own experience with them. In addition, I believe that through the communication between animators, it is possible to find new ideas and develop new projects.
Along with my professional development, I attempted to be useful to my community because I believe that one cannot live for his or her own sake. Instead, we should help other people and make the life of our community better. In this regard, I did the volunteer job on the regular basis, when I had my vocations and this experience was very useful for me. This experienced contributed to the development of my organizational and leadership skills and helped me to expand my eyesight consistently.

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