Princess Jasmine. Some Facts from her Life.

Princess Jasmine is a young beautiful girl who is one of the main characters in the fairy tale animated film Aladdin which was made by Walt Disney Pictures. She also appears in the next two series which are called The Return of Jafar and Aladdin and the King of Thieves.
Jasmine’s Appearance. She is a pretty young girl of sixteen years old, a daughter of an Arabian Sultan. She lives in the palace and has a lot of servants. Jasmine has a very beautiful slim figure. Her hair is black and wavy tied into a tail. Her dark eyes are large and nice. As she is a princess and a daughter of the rich Sultan she wears a lot of jewelries in her hair, ears, on her neck and on her hands: rings, ear-rings, bracelets. Her shoes are golden.

Princess Jasmine wears beautiful eastern clothes (crop top and pants) decorated with precious stones.
Princess Jasmine’s family. Princess Jasmine is a daughter of the rich Sultan of Agrabah who wanted her to marry a rich prince. We know nothing about her mother. The best friend of Princess Jasmine is her tiger who not only listens to her but also gives her some advice. She does not have any sisters or brothers. She seems to be alone in her beautiful Sultan’s Palace.

Princess Jasmine’s traits of character. She is a self-confident young girl who does not want to obey her father’s will. She is brave and clever. She is not afraid of Jafar who wants to kill her and her father. She wants to be happy that is why she refuses all the princes who came to her palace.
Jasmine proves the fact that she is a brave young girl when she tacks up a horse Sahara. It is known that only one person could ride Sahara- Jasmine’s mother.

Princess Jasmine’s meeting with Aladdin.

Princess Jasmine does not want to marry the stupid princes that her father Sultan offers her. She cannot choose a man who will be her husband. She makes a decision to run away from home. However, she gets into trouble on the market where the tradesman accuses her of stealing the apples and wants to cut off her hand. Aladdin helps her to run away. Princess Jasmine liked this brave young man and wanted to help him when he was taken to the prison. She was very distracted when Jafar told her that Aladdin had already been executed. She blames herself and cries.
Jasmine’s Love. Princess Jasmine falls in love with a poor young man Aladdin who has no money and who steals on the market in order to get food. However, she knows that Aladdin has a kind heart. She makes everything possible to be with Aladdin. Jasmine even pretends that she is in love with Jafar, a terrible evil man. She chooses Aladdin to be her husband. After several attempts to marry they will have a chance to do it.

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