principles and spiritual values essay

In this world of heightened interest to property and material wealth, it is very important to preserve and develop one’s own principles and spiritual values. Only when people have their own goals and aims, stick to their own principles and ideas, they can become full-fledged personalities; they can develop and achieve what they aspire to. In this connection dedication is a core value that contributes to the establishment of a personality and his or her moral values. The notion of dedication might seem rather vague to people as it is possible to be dedicated to absolutely different things in our life. On the other hand, dedication might also play a negative role in one’s life if a person is dedicated to false or evil ideas. However, dedication is a sign of a mature person who has already formed a particular value system.

Dedication to one’s ideas is an essential part of achieving success. It is a characteristic feature of a single-minded and determined person. World history knows many people who due to their dedication to their activity and ideals managed to revolutionize the world, to ruin stereotypes and establish a new way of life for many people. Certainly there are both positive and negative examples. Dedication might lead to success in any sphere of life: science, politics, art, religion. People set different goals in front of themselves and try to achieve them. However, there are different ways to gain your ends. Some people work their way through, taking no notice of others; they are unscrupulous and use all opportunities to make headway. Others knuckle down to work, devote all their free time to their career and thus attain their objects. However, the achievement of the aim does not always mean success as it is.

Fran Tarkenton said: “Success, in my view, is the willingness to strive for something you really want. The person not reaching the top is no less a success than the one who achieved it, if they both sweated blood, sweat, and tears and overcome obstacles and fears. The failure to be perfect does not mean you’re not a success” (Southern Quotes). The very process of struggle and aspiration for a certain aim is already worth much. A person should always yearn for something, set more and more new goals and achieve them. Only then, life is active and fascinating. Being dedicated to one’s aim, a person might enjoy not the achievement of aim but the way towards it. Meeting and overcoming obstacles people become stronger and more experienced.

Dedication to the memory of one’s roots and ancestors is also significant for the development of individuality. Strong familial ties and solid traditions always support all members of the family. The sentiment of respect to family traditions should be brought up in children since their childhood and they should know that whatever happens around them, their family will always support them. Dedication to the family and roots gives the sense of self-confidence. Devoted to their families people always derive encouragement from their families and know that they cannot betray their past and their origin. Very often families become the only place of refuge for people in times of trouble. Members of families are usually the closest people in the world and dedication to their life and their problems should be an essential part of people who care and love their families.

Dedication to ones’ own mission often becomes a significant support when there might be no forces to continue one’s way. If to think of people working with disabled people, sisters of charity, people going to war for their motherland, in the majority of cases it is dedication to their mission that guides them and encourages them for new everyday exploits. Speaking about people helping others, such as doctors or sisters of charity, who help free of charge, it becomes clear that their willingness to aid is based only on their compassion, while their care is due to their dedication. Soldiers, who voluntarily go to the front in order to defend their homes and their country, are dedicated to their motherland and to their families.

To make a conclusion, dedication is a wide notion, which might be used in different contexts. When people feel the necessity and importance of their activity and continue it despite all difficulties, they are dedicated to it. It is obvious that dedication is a high moral value which is characteristic of full-fledged personalities with their own life experience and value systems.

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