Principles of Practice Management essay

full time staff members can share information with part time employees that will save time and help to maintain more effective communication since the practice manager will not need to communicate with each staff member individually. Hence, the practice manager should promote the knowledge sharing management and encourage full staff employees to share information they learned in the course of regular meetings with part time employees (Bolinger, 1999). In such a way, the practice manager will use full time employees to communicate important issues to part time employees, if the practice manager cannot communicate these issues to part time employees in person.

The development of the intranet is important for the effective communication within the organization because health care professionals will be able to communicate with each other and the practice manager (Stalker, et al, 2009). In addition, intranet allows saving important information and storing this information in the organization’s database, while health care professionals can access this information anytime they need that will facilitate their work. In fact, the intranet will help the staff of the organization and the practice manager to establish the effective communication system, when each staff member can contact the practice manager or other staff members to discuss important issues and to solve problems he/she may face in the course of his/her work.

The implementation of the new communication system and resolution of concomitant problems by the practice manager

The implementation of the new communication system by the practice manager will involve several steps. First, the communication of the change to the staff is the first step toward the successful implementation of the new communication system within Ash Hall Surgery. The practice manager should communicate the change and the essence of the new communication system to employees (Benoff & Grauman, 1997). Staff members should understand what changes to expect and how to use the new communication system. Moreover, they should understand benefits of the new communication system. Otherwise, they may fail to implement the new information system.

At this point, the practice manager may face the problem of the resistance of employees to the change but the adequate communication, including individual communication with each staff member, explanation of the essence of the change to the staff will help to receive positive feedback from the staff and to implement the change successfully. In fact, the resistance of employees to the change is a serious threat to the introduction of the new communication system. Therefore, the practice manager should explain in details what changes will be introduced and what benefits these changes will bring to employees and the organization (Tompkins & Francoeur, 1999). If employees are aware of positive effects of the new communication system, they will definitely support it.

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