Pro choice movement essay

Pro choice movement essay

Pro-choice movement means to be of the opinion that every person has unrestricted freedom in regard to their bodies as long as it does not violate the freedom of other people. This means that every woman has a right to choose whether she wants to have a child or make abortion. However, there are both negative and positive aspects of pro-choice movement. Some of the most widely spread opinions will be argued about as follows.

First, it is claimed by some people that almost all abortions are committed in the first trimester of pregnancy, and this means that abortions are made when the fetus cannot yet function independently of a woman. The health of a fetus is directly related to the health condition of its mother, which means that it cannot be perceived as an independent human being because it cannot exist separately from its mother. However, this argument has been subjected to criticism, as some people claim that even after a child is born, they cannot exist independently from their mother as they have such fundamental needs as a need for nutrition and protection from various hazards that accompany their life in this world. It is further claimed that dependence on other people does not mean that a helpless living being should necessarily be killed.

On the other hand, there are also some other viewpoints indicated by the followers of pro-choice movement. Thus, it is claimed that the notion of personality differs from the notion of human life. Basically, this concerns the problem of some cells being not fertilized and simply thrown away. This is not considered a murder, then why abortion should be considered such? The opponents of the pro-choice movement have their own answer to this question. They consider abortion to be a murder, because it is an unlawful deprival of life. The supporters of pro-choice movement state that it is still a woman’s choice whether to give life to a child or commit abortion. According to statistics, not many women who choose to give birth to a child at the end choose to give up their children at an early age. This means that adoption, for instance, cannot be regarded as a rightful alternative measure to abortion. It is so because very few women give up their babies after they give birth to them.

However, according to the opponents of pro-choice movement, abortion still remains an unjustified murder of innocent lives of unborn children. One more argument against this movement is directly related to the already discussed issue of adoption. The fact that not so many women choose to give up their children after giving birth to them is a strong proof of the affection mothers feel to their children, which is another debatable argument against pro-choice movement and abortion.

Nevertheless, the followers of pro-choice movement have many other arguments in favor of their beliefs. They claim that abortion proves to be a safe procedure that most women undergo in the first trimester of pregnancy. There is little risk of some severe complications that might affect the health of women and the ability to get pregnant in future. It is claimed to be not so dangerous for the health of women. However, the opposite point of view is that abortion is not that easy and safe as it is accompanied with not only physical, but also psychological and emotional stress for a woman who undergoes this procedure. There might be serious consequences in terms of psychological and physical health of a woman. There is little evidence that abortion is not associated with any complications. Furthermore, the emotional state of a woman is negatively affected by this procedure, and most women tend to regret that they have committed abortion in the future years of life.

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