Process and Skill in Apparel Industry

The development of the apparel industry is accompanied by the emergence of a large of specialists, who provide the development of the industry from the moment of appearance of the idea or concept of a new item to its delivery to the customer.

In this respect, designers play a particularly important role because it is designers who actually invent and create various items of clothes which can be later used in the apparel industry for the mass production. In fact, designers generate ideas and create the concept of new clothes, accessories and other items related to apparel industry. Designers may be viewed as a starting point in the production chain in the apparel industry.

At the same time, to develop the industry and production of clothes, it is necessary to have a market. Moreover, it is necessary research the market and analyze its potential, volume, buying power of customers, etc. This is the function performed by marketers since they focus on the research of the market and market analysis, which is crucial for the normal and stable development of the apparel industry. Marketers work like scouts since even a genial idea of a designer cannot be implemented successfully without an effective marketing research.

Furthermore, as soon as product is designed and the market to this product is found, it is necessary to condition the product. This is the work for product developers. What is meant here is the fact that it is necessary to make the product attracting to customers and one of the major tasks of product developers is to make customers willing to buy this product because of its look, quality, characteristics, etc. However, it is important to underline that product developers focus entirely on the product itself, their task is to “polish” the product, to make it functional and attracting.

On the other hand, a good product needs to be produced en mass and delivered to customers. In this respect, the role of marketing production managers is particularly important. In fact, marketing production managers focus on the production process. They develop the production of new clothes or items that means that they develop the chain of supply of materials for the production of items, they organize the production process itself, they develop logistics to supply products from the plant, where they are produced to distributors. At the same time, marketing production mangers also focus on the satisfaction of customers needs since they should position new products and present them in such a way that customers could not keep from buying.

However, the promotion proper of the new item is the function of merchandises, while marketing production managers only focus on the quality and attractiveness of items. In fact, merchandisers have to develop promotional strategies, organize advertising campaigns to make the new product popular among large masses of customers. But it is important to promote the product among a specific, target customer group. For instance, elderly people will not wear the same clothes as adolescents do. The ultimate goal of merchandisers is sustenance of certain categories of products which they should promote. As long as merchandisers maintain the interest of customers to the product, their work can be considered effective.

Thus, all specialists discussed above are of the utmost important in the production chain and sales of products in the apparel industry.

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