Process Essay

I believe that an individual needs to improve his/her skills and abilities permanently. This is why I constantly want to improve my skills even in those activities where I am successful enough. At the same time, I most interested in overcoming difficulties and, in this regard, the process of writing is particularly interesting for me. In fact, the writing process is probably the greatest challenge for me. On the one hand, I attempt to improve my writing and do my best, but the more I learn about writing the poorer my own writing seems to me. Nevertheless, it does not mean that I will give up. In contrast, I believe that through the hard work I can achieve positive results.

Basically, speaking about the writing process, I should say that the most difficult thing is the starting point. In fact, it is really difficult to start writing because I think the first thing you write is very important. When I write something I think about people that will read my paper and this is why I want to catch their attention from the beginning since I would not like if a person reading my paper had a strong desire to throw it away and forget about it. This is why I try to focus on a strong introduction to hook my potential readers, but this is exactly where the difficulties begin.

In actuality, I believe that in order to solve this problem I need to develop my creative skills, though creativity is rather a kind of a gift than a skill that can be trained through drilling. Nevertheless, it is possible to develop creating thinking through constant practice. This is why the more I write the better results I will have.

However, a good introduction is not the most important thing about writing. As a rule, I attempt to plan carefully everything I am going to write down and I believe that a good plan is the key factor determining the general success of my writing. In fact, the plan provides me with an excellent opportunity to organize my writing, make it well-structured and organized. It proves beyond a doubt that the planning process defines the entire writing process. At the same time, to create a good plan I need to generate some ideas about the subject of my writing. Usually, I take the subject I am going to write about and write down all the ideas about this subject that occurs to my mind. After ten or fifteen minutes of such brainstorming, I get a lot of ideas that I can use in my writing. At this stage, it is very important to analyze all the ideas and select the most important and significant of them. In this regard, I attempt to select ideas that are closely interrelated with each other and that may be interesting for my audience. On the other hand, I always select some ideas that express my own personality in a way in order to show my personal position as the author.

On the basis of the idea selected, I plan what I am going to write about. This point is quite difficult because I get a bit bothered when I have to work with the same ideas just placing them in the write order within my paper. Frankly speaking, I would like to write without wasting time on proper arrangement of my ideas but just write as an idea occurs to my mind. However, I am conscious of the fact that such an approach would not be very effective. At any rate, I am sure it will undermine the quality of my writing because it will be illogical and poorly structured.

At the same time, the technical part of the writing process is not less important than the creative one. At first glance, it seems as if it is quite simple just write according to the plan and just broaden the ideas I have already got, but, in actuality, I can also have some problems in this regard. As I write I should be very attentive and I pay a lot of attention to the word choice because I think that each word has its own shade of meaning. Therefore, I attempt to make the best choice.

Anyway, all the technical problems in writing may be eliminated through proofreading and revising my writing. In addition, I believe that this problem will gradually disappear as I get more experienced and more proficient in writing. What does really disturb me is my creativity because to generate really interesting idea I need inspiration and great writing skills.

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