Product Placement in Movie

Product placement, or embedded marketing is a so-called type of advertisement which represents some branded goods and services in the context of movies, TV shows, music clips.
This type of advertisement does not send a direct and clear message concerning the product or service. Product placement subtly shows this or that product to the audience. For example, the famous manufactures of laptops included their product into the movie plot ”“ the actors of the movie used one of these devices, and the audience had a great desire to buy this product.
Today this type of advertisement is very popular because those people who are interested in the plot of the movie will be glad to have the same good or service in their use especially if the product represented in the movie is of high quality. (Segrave 12)

It is known that some of the product placements are based on some fee, while other product placements are done on a non-fee basis. In some cases, those studios which make movies pay the companies-manufacturers for the use of their branded products or their brand names, or even for the use of the companies’ locations in the movies. For example, the producers of the movie Up in the Air faced this problem. It was said in one of the articles published in The New York Times that the movie producers wanted to use real location of the air lines and real hotel brands.

They would need to take money from the movie’s budget to pay the air line company for their access to airplanes and air terminals. The famous air line company American Airlines allowed the movie producers to use the brand name for free as well as to have a free access to all the locations. It is necessary to say that in this case the air line company also derived its benefit because American Airlines got a great deal of free brand advertising ”“ the movie was a great success with the public.(Gunelius)

Nowadays embedded marketing, or product placement in movies is a huge industry which makes it possible to promote different goods and services. Of course, the success of the product placement depends on some factors such as the success of the movie where the branded product was places, the skilled representation of the product, and others. The most important thing is that the product placement should be well planned in order to yield well.

It is known that the most satisfied companies who find this type of product advertising the most attractive belong to the motor vehicle manufacturing industry. Such brand names of the cars as Toyota, Nissan, Ford are very often used in embedded marketing. Usually the manufacturers represent the latest models in the movies. For example, Ford was used as the product advertising in the last Bond movies.

In conclusion, it is necessary to say that product placement in movies plays an important role for the successful product promotion. A great deal of manufacturers are ready to allow the movie producers to use their products and services for free.
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