Professional Writing and Communication

  • The introduction of the idea of the creation of the new music card ”“ it is necessary to discuss the vision of the new music card by engineers because they are professionals that are working on the creation of the card and they know all nuances of the production process and, what is more, they have experience of work on music cards.
  • The major characteristic of new music card ”“ it is necessary to define the future new music card major characteristics in accordance with current needs and demands of customers
  • To analyze the major trends in the market and define major needs and interests of customers ”“ it is necessary to discuss information about customers’ vision of the future music card retrieved from questionnaires distributed among customers and their opinion received online.
  • Sharing ideas and visions of the future card (discussion, taking into consideration the position of engineers and opinion of customers)
  • Objectives – it is necessary to take into consideration the major objectives the music card should meet;
  • Design ”“ on the basis of the selected characteristics of the new music card it is necessary to develop its new design that will meet the needs and expectations of customers (some basic ideas should be introduced for the further discussion after the meeting)
  • Actions plan ”“ it is necessary to develop the actions plan in order to practically implement the idea of the creation of the new music card, the plan should be based on the information concerning the new music card.
  • Definition of functions of each member of the team – it is necessary to define specialists who will be responsible for the design of the new card and its functionality.
  • Definition of goals that should be meet till the next meeting ”“ in accordance with their duties and responsibilities engineers should fulfill their part of the job defined and present its results for the further discussion in order to define the next steps that should be undertaken in relation to the further development of the music card; probably improvements should be made on the basis of recommendations of engineers that appear in the process of work on the new music card
  • The questions to discuss during the next meeting ”“ on  achieving the goals defined it is necessary to orient the engineers on the problems they may encounter which should be discussed during the next meeting and they should also prepare material for discussion of possible improvements or certain drawbacks of the new music card, its major characteristics and design defined at this meeting

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