Program philosophy

The program is an emergent curriculum. The program philosophy is aimed at making the world better and to provide the closer connection with the nature. My goal is to bring nature into our room. Also, I would like to see more diversity and inclusive program for everybody. Striving together will provide the positive outcome of the efforts and dreams.
I believe in miracles, even if some people may consider it rather naïve. I have ambitious goals for the program and I can say that I am rather optimistic about the changes. I can say that the changes are indispensable in life and I think that people have to know how to accept things. I would like to find a job that will make me happy and I want to have balance and harmony in my life.
I believe that dreams make people happier and make them move forward, not to give up. I think that if the person dreams, he lives”¦ and this is true. I also think that people do not have to be afraid of being happy. I dream of the better world without the war, of the positive changes in society, of close connection with nature. I think that it is extremely important to preserve nature and take care of it.
All in all, I think that people have to control their lives, to get encouraged by better things and not to be afraid to take risk. Everything depends on how a person perceives the world and what goals he has. If a person has big plans and big dreams, then, as a rule, he reaches all his goals. People should not be afraid to live and to dream, as dreaming fills the life with a sense.

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