Dear Members of the Team (Suri, Walker, Wu, Leporati)!
We are to develop a crucial part of our proposal which is the itemized budget. Our investors are going to pay extreme attention to the budget, and we should take into account all activities and costs involved in creating the game. As far as I see it, we will have two major sections in this budget: professional services and materials. Professional services include the labor of our group, such as development of game layout, design of the game, selection/creation of graphic material for the cards and development of advertising materials. External professional services which might be required are large-scale manufacturing process for the new game as well as promotion and distribution services. The materials required for creating the pilot example of the game are cardboard box, plastic or paper framework for the cards, paint and materials for shaping the surface of the board. Also, the materials include design software (it can most possibly be donated by one of our sponsors), an inkjet printer with photocopying facilities and a laminator for the cards. Please have in mind that we are planning to start with 12,000 copies of the game and the production line might be expanded in future.

This is a very approximate list of the materials, and all of you are encouraged to analyze this list and discuss it. The opinion of all team members on the content of this budget is extremely valuable. We have to establish the list of resources and materials, so please e-mail me with your suggestions on this topic. My request for the researcher is to identify exact dollar values for all resources and activities involved in the budget. The task for the layout designer is to locate the budget in the appropriate place of the document (and place it to supplementary parts if the itemized budget appears to be rather long), and the writer has to ensure that the budget is smoothly and logically incorporated into the document.
Thank you for your valuable participation!

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