At this stage we are to distribute roles within the team. Let me briefly explain what are the key roles in our project. Generally, there are 4 positions: researcher, writer, layout designer and devil’s advocate. The responsibility of the writer is to craft and post procedural sections, and to incorporate teem feedback. Researcher is expected to analyze the whole scope of the project and ensure that all critical issues are considered. Layout designer is responsible for creating the project’s scheme and main elements. Devil’s advocate has to ensure that the proposal covers all possible issues and legally secure these.

In order to create a balance in our team, we should match appropriate roles to all of you. We have to know each other’s qualifications and strong sides. Please send me your brief bio and the overview of your strong sides and qualities which might benefit us in implementing this project.

At this stage, I also ask you to select two project positions which might be appropriate for you, develop a brief resume for each of the two positions, and explain why you are eligible for each of these roles. Please range the two roles as the most preferred and desirable (if the first one is not accessible). It will be very appreciated if you include information on your previous experience and training, and examples of your previous works. Testimonials of your former colleagues and customers are extremely welcomed! Please show us what value you can add to the project.
Upon receiving your bios and resumes, we will be able to distribute the roles inside the team, and start developing the proposal. I am looking forward to getting your data and considerations. Thank you for your participation!

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