Proposal Development Essay

Writing a proposal may evoke significant difficulties, if there is no clear plan of writing a proposal. At the same time, writing a plan of the proposal is the core of the proposal development but not its starting point. Before starting writing a proposal, it is necessary to identify clearly the subject of the proposal development. Normally, an important problem is chosen for the research proposal to explore the essence of the problem, different views on the problem and approaches to its resolution. In this respect, my research proposal refers to the problem of the effectiveness of a school-based program for cognitive disabled children. The subject of the research proposal is socially significant because it focuses on the problem of inclusion of cognitive disabled children through the application of a school-based program. The definition of the subject of the proposal opened the way for the further proposal development. The next stage in the proposal development was the definition of the key question the research should answer. On identifying the key question, I have managed to identify the goal of the research proposal because the goal naturally derived from the question I worded in. After that I focused on the development of the plan of the proposal to make it well-organized and research all the areas and issues related to the subject of the research. In terms of the plan, I formulated clearly the goal of the research, defined the subjects and control group, and methodology used in the research. In such a way, the plan contributes to conducting effective research and allows to use methods that help to make the research valid and reliable.

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