Proposal Outline Paper

In the contemporary society, education and learning abilities play an extremely important role since they, to a significant extent, define future perspective of children, their career opportunities, success in professional life and stable inner state of individuals. In such a situation, the ability of children to learn, acquire new knowledge and develop new skills and abilities may be crucial for their adult life. However, in recent years the problem of the growing number of children suffering from the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has emerged and, at the moment, it is one of the most serious challenges to the normal development and effective academic progress of many children. Unfortunately, specialists cannot prevent the development of this disorder effectively and they are forced to treat the ADHD when the disorder has already started to progress. On the other hand, the contemporary science can offer quite effective treatment, but it is extremely important to prevent the development of the ADHD at the early stages and it is highly recommended to prevent the development of the ADHD. In this respect, parents apparently play a particularly significant role because they can identify the symptoms of the disorder and it is their actions that may be very helpful in the effective treatment of the ADHD.

However, the problem is that parents cannot always diagnose the ADHD, especially at the early stages of the development of the disease. At the same time, even if children are diagnosed or if parents notice consistent changes in the behavior of their children, often they do not know how to treat the ADHD and, what is more, they do not even view it as a serious problem. Instead, they view the changes in behavior of their children and problems at school as problems provoked by their psychological state during the adolescence, for instance. In such a situation, the help of professionals may be retarded, while the ADHD will be progressing.

Obviously, the inability of parents to diagnose and start an effective treatment of the ADHD is one of the major problems that many children suffering from this disorder face. This is why it is important to develop the effective approach that could solve this problem. In this respect, the use of modern technologies may be very helpful. To put it more precisely, it is possible to conduct a research that will help create, implement and evaluate an online self-directed alternative treatment educational course for parents of children with the ADHD in the Silver Spring, Maryland area.

The research should include the analysis of the literature dedicated to the problem of the diagnosing and treatment of the ADHD. It is important to identify the most effective approaches to the diagnosing and treatment of the disorder that could be applied by parents. In such a way, it will be necessary to analyze methodology and techniques of the treatment of the ADHD that may be applied without the direct involvement of professionals.

At the same time, it is important to research the impact of parents on the treatment of the ADHD. To put it more precisely, it is necessary to research two major areas: the impact of gender and the educational background of parents on alternative protocol treatments of the ADHD. On defining the major goals of the research it is necessary to plan carefully the research, identify the methodology, subjects, control group or groups, and timeline, which could take about 14 months.

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