Dear Members of the Team (Suri, Walker, Wu, Leporati)!
Today we are to develop the visual appeal for our project. Since it is a learning game, it has to be extremely attractive to children, and be associated with adventures. Visual appeal and fascination should motivate the children to be more attentive and they should be really inspired looking at the details and answering the questions about these details. Here are the main visual “blocks” of our game: the game board itself and its design, design of the box containing the game, two paths to the center (including the design of every step in this path and supposed bonuses on the way), the treasure located in the middle of the board, cards and their visual content (funny photos, artwork, comic photos etc.), and the design of questions placed at the back side of the cards. In addition to this, we will have to develop advertising content for our “Eagle-eyed traveler” in future, and I’ll be glad to hear your ideas on the advertising content and effectiveness.

Please have in mind that we are planning to develop this game for three age groups: 4-6 years old, 6-8 years old, and 8-10 years old. The board, paths and design of the game box should be equally attractive to all age groups, and the selection of artwork and photos should be different for each age group. The number of details and complexity of the pictures should also match the selected age. The goal is to create a set of 100 cards for every age group.

The ideas for the content of the visual material are very welcome. A special request for layout designer is to suggest possibly effective layouts, and the participation of other members of the team in the discussion is welcomed. Thank you for your valuable participation!

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