Public Opinion

Nowadays public opinion matters, as the globalization determines the trends and public opinion as a whole. Public opinion – is averaged and supported by the majority view in different social groups on any issue with the development of mass consciousness and role of representations of social groups on behavior and thinking in society.
Public opinion in its modern sense, first appears at the end of XIX century in the work of French sociologist Tarde “Public opinion and the crowd.” The public is seen as a collection of people who use the same information and produce largely identical views and assessments, that is public opinion – an opinion of community, a group of people based on the acceptance or rejection of the same emotionally charged information, as stated in What is public opinion?
Public opinion is made up of wide dissemination of information, such as: opinions, views, beliefs or ideologies, as well as from rumors, gossip, misconceptions. In the formation of public opinion plays a big part of the mass media (MSM), including: television, radio, print media (the press). Significantly increases the influence of electronic social networks, blogs, twitter, YouTube video channels, Internet forums. Public opinion influences the views of people recognized by the competent public authority and personal experience of people.
Public opinion can be expressed on an advisory level, at the stage of decision-making regarding the construction of various objects. Public opinion is the tendency or preference, real or stimulated, of a society towards social events that interest report. Public opinion has been the dominant concept in what now seems to refer to political communication. And after many attempts and a rather long series of studies, experience suggests that public opinion involves many things at once, but at the same time, none of them dominates and explains the whole. Moreover, the prevalence of modern media, mass society in the territory of the opinion seems to take a new approach. It is also necessary to consider that the public has a long tradition as a field of study. That is, public opinion is only one sector within the broad spectrum of political communication, according to Polls and public opinion.
It should be noted that the public opinion is the set of beliefs and values more or less shared, judgments, prejudices and beliefs of the population of a given society. It evokes the “public” in general in a country, but it also speaks of “local opinion” to refer to identifiable regional sensitivities, and “international opinion” in favor of the catch simultaneous position of international actors (NGOs, regulators interstate, opinion leaders”¦). It is often mistakenly confused with the public and the majority, forgetting that public opinion is mixed and has lively contradictory forces, as shown, for example, conservative movements and dissidents, as well as opinion surveys (qualitative or quantitative) or elections, as stated in Recent Articles in the Field of Public Opinion Research.

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