Public relations

In order to convey the necessary information to the general public or specific target audiences through the media, the following funds:
Ӣ press releases (sent by e-mail, other Internet systems, warning systems, fax and postal services);
Ӣ the presentation of studies and surveys, official documents, comparative studies and inquiries about the current state of affairs;
Ӣ personal contacts with media interviews, receptions, dinners, press conferences and briefings.
The tactics and methods of the use of the online media will help to prepare for the event:
Ӣ Develop a monthly newsletter and information leaflets television commercials about the product or the news industry as a whole;
Ӣ Ensure participation of key managers and other company representatives in programs organized by trade associations;
Ӣ Participate in online forums and conferences;
Ӣ Participate in joint sponsorship of informative articles, published an advertisement in the paid media.
It is important to create the event schedule. Regardless of how long it takes to make the selected tactics helped you to realize the strategy and achieve its objectives – a few days, weeks or months and even years of gradual realization of the conceived ”“ to create a project schedule, which will monitor the success or delays moving work and whether the problem at some point or another. Being realistic about what can be done in a given period of time. You approach the issue of scheduling flexibility and try to take into account possible modifications of the plan when the business or economic climate, according to Six Steps to Developing Your Public Relations and Media Plan (2011).
It is also essential to determine the budget. PR ”“ is a very cost effective form of marketing and communications, especially compared to advertising. However, the profitability ”“ is a relative term, it depends on the budget and does not imply a complete absence of costs. Working with data center printing, travel, entertainment, sponsorship, event management is costly. Forming the budget, determine the actual costs and expenses to the embodiment chosen tactics to achieve their goals for a planned period of time. If the problem can not be resolved within the allocated budget for the campaign or specific dates, there are adjusted goals, made changes in project schedule or budget revision.
Goal of the PR-plan. PR-service is not selling a product that is engaged in the sales department, commercial department. From the activities of PR-specialists are expected to achieve: awareness of the company; trust companies; knowledge of the company that differentiate it from competitors.
Media Kit – is the main way to represent the event and to show the direction how to highlight it, define the subject and the main idea of the program. The main elements of the press kit are a file folder in the corporate style and logo of the organization as well as materials about the company, its management, product benefits, press releases and (or) special studies to help position the company and (or) product. Additionally, the kit can include photos of the leaders, illustrative material relating to the company and product, research materials, if necessary, a brochure about the event or product, copies of publications in the press, a demo CD.
Corporate site ”“ is considered a marketing tool, a powerful information tool, a sort of electronic version of the Media Kits. This website provides information for consumers, the announcement of the current vacancies notified of new seminars, programs and events of the college, its new developments, includes surveys on general and specific topics.
When communicating with the media, as in the case of direct mail (direct mail), listing of contacts will be the key to success. Main list (list A) should include the names, titles, addresses (including and electronic), telephone and fax numbers of media representatives who specialize in technology (preferably just in the area in which the company operates), and media-related to publishing and entertainment industries. It is also a media analysts, editors and journalists on topics of business and technology, known independent authors, columnists and producers who make up the professional target audience for our information. Secondary list (list B) may include the publication of financial, educational and business spheres, the media, dedicated to design and publication of “business-to-business”¯. List of media must be periodically updated, as reporters, editors, producers and sometimes change jobs, do not always notice it. It is important to know your audience and determine which channels its members prefer to receive information by phone, fax, email or regular mail, may be, by the delivery service.
In advertising and PR there are different goals and methods, but when they are used together, there can be achieved far greater results. Advertising is more than other types of information, so you must carefully define your target audience. If using certain types of advertising (for example, print) the aim is to ensure that the brand has become known to differ from its competitors and has made a public trust, such a campaign will be presented separately in terms of marketing communications.
Fees and wages, transport costs and other expenses, lunches with the media, out of pocket expenses, printing and distribution of press releases, information on the telex service payment on the selection of publications, preparation and creation of information and educational brochures, white papers, photographs, illustration materials will be presented in a detailed review.
All in all, it can be said that the PR-plan sets the target audience, objectives and priorities of the campaign. PR-campaign is usually aimed at obtaining notoriety, but the final set of goals is always dependent on a particular organization and situation. Cultural, economic and political context during the PR-programs can vary, which sometimes requires an adjustment in the original plan or revision purposes. Key elements of the marketing and PR-plan are: situation analysis, objectives, strategy, tactics, schedule and budget. Good attitude to learn the subject of significant social campaign groups: customers, partners, investors, regulators, competitors and the media, carefully weighing all positive and negative points. Being realistic is important. If the goal is too short a period set aside or allocated too few resources, review the objectives of the project, change the timeline for implementation or Achieve budget increase. After the defined goals of PR-campaign and the audience, selected sources and communication channels, you can proceed to the stage at which a plan is PR activities, including: formation of the joint program, with proper execution of a common effort lead to the achievement of specific goals; providing support and management of all organizational units on which depends the success of the PR-campaign; create opportunities for activism.
Developed action PR plan lets you see the situation in general, to optimize resources and budgets. At this stage lays the criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of PR-campaign. It is therefore necessary to determine as precisely as possible the qualitative and quantitative goals for each event and the actions included in the plan pr campaign and its further implementation. Usually PR plan is divided into the following types: strategic; operational; situational; current schedule. The Strategic Plan outlines the means of PR effectively achieve its goals (start publishing “corporate”¯ brochure, to participate in long-term charitable programs, to organize an annual tour of art groups and exhibitions around the country and abroad, etc.). Operational Plan covers the activities of PR of the annual cycle. Annual PR-campaign ”“ is the main type of systematic effect on public opinion and public relations. Situational PR plan of events solves local problems arising in connection with overcoming the problem situation, failure of individual events of the annual plan and helps find solutions to new tasks for the first time. For example, the College can effectively use the components of this type of the plan in order to achieve its goals.
Each of the items operational (annual) Plan PR-campaign gets detailed design as the current schedule. The subject of the schedule ”“ is a particular PR-action, painted on the cycle time for specific performers and taken in conjunction with a list of materials in the media.
To sum it up, it can be said that it is important to raise awareness of Regent’s College and drive an increase in student numbers. With the help of the effective PR campaign and clear plan of actions for the event, it will be possible for Barack Obama speech to attract thousands of people and more than 400 members of the news media. The college executives want to get Regent’s College mentioned in as many of the stories as possible, presenting interesting facts about the college, which will help to solve the problem. The event will be huge and it is expected to be successful.


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