Puerto Rican Americans essay

Puerto Ricans is another Latin American ethnic group widely represented in theUSsociety. Historically, Puerto Ricans like Mexican Americans had strong links with theUSand immigration was also determined by economic factors. At the same time, their current socio-economic position is, to a significant extent, similar to that of Mexican Americans since the middle class has just started to form while the majority of Puerto Ricans occupy the low social position being basically employed in fields where semi- or low-qualified employees are needed.

Similarly to Mexican Americans they also preserve their cultural traditions and religion, Catholicism, still plays an important role for them. This is why religion still constitutes a consistent part of their cultural life. In relation to family life they are also devoted to their traditions which are, similarly to Mexican Americans, are based on Christian principles and moral norms (Stewart, 2003, p.354).

As for the language, Spanish still remains native for many Puerto Ricans but, in general, this community may be characterized as bilingual, while linguistic trends are similar to those of Mexican Americans where elderly people are mainly Spanish speaking, while younger generations are bilingual or English speaking.

The political life of Puerto Rican community is still characterized by the low representation of this ethnic group in legislative and executive branches of power as well as judiciary ones, especially on the federal level, while on the local one, their political activity grows.

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