Quality Assurance essay

Quality Assurance (QA) has become as essential part of the present day world and is successfully applied in the different industries. But the positive influence of the QA programs is inevitable and this essay is going to examine the nature and the significance of the Quality Assurance.

To understand the problems and the unwillingness of some corporations to meet the set standards lets define the Quality Assurance: QA is the satisfactory evidence provided by the supplier, which occur in contractual situation that the works, goods and services have been or would be produced due the set requirements: “The Prequalification System will require suppliers of services to demonstrate their:-

Ӣ quality assurance compliance level

Ӣ commitment to the maintenance and day to day use of the system

Ӣ positive management/staff attitude to the use of the system.

The performance of service providers will be monitored through the Performance Reports which will, amongst other things, monitor the application of Quality Assurance on projects” (Government of South Australia, 2007). It goes without saying that the norms and requirements to the participants of the industry has grown significantly, any cheating and cutting of the expenses won’t be allowed anymore and special QA managers would be required to provide evaluation of the task performance of every company. It goes without saying that every provider within any industry should pass through the certification and apply significant changes in the whole structure of the company.

The existence of the universal standards contributes to the both: the contractor, the client and the final recipient of the service and it should be noted that development of such a standard is a sign of the human development, it shows that the humanity has passed to the pretty different level of business relationship and people are ready to pay more money for the high qualified work performance than something uncertain.

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