Quality System essay

In the contemporary business environment the quality management plays an extremely important part because the quality of products and services defines, to a significant extent, the competitive position of an organization. In this respect, the recognition of achievements of organization in terms of the quality system is very important, while the best organizations receive the Balbridge Award. If my organization received the Balbridge Award, this would change values of my organization consistently.

First of all, the Balbridge Award would improve the public image of the organization. Obviously, consumers would be more confident in the quality of products and services of our organization. Therefore, the organization could count to improve its marketing performance and competitive position due to the positive public image and customer loyalty. At the same time, the company will respect customers’ needs and quality expectations.

Furthermore, the Balbridge Award would increase the confidence and responsibility of employees working in the organization. Employees of the organization would grow confident that the Balbridge Award is not only the award of the organization but also the award of each employee working in the organization. Therefore, they will feel moral responsibility for the high quality of products and services delivered to customers.

Finally, the Balbridge Award would affect the organizational culture consistently setting new standards of organizational and employees’ performance. The organizational culture would become quality-oriented to maintain the public image of the organization. The Balbridge Award can improve consistently standards of the organization.

Thus, it is obvious that the organization can benefit from the Balbridge Award because it improves the public image of the organization and increases the responsibility of the organization in face of customers.

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