Questions and Answers about Marketing Essay

1. Research local companies and determine if any of them are involved in supporting socially responsible charities or community projects.

In the contemporary business environment, many companies attempted to improve their public image by means of the wide implementation of socially responsible policies and various community projects. In such a situation, the competitive of a company often depends on its ability to gain a positive public image that determines the customer loyalty and public support of the company’s initiative. In this respect, it is possible to mention the Vancouver Trolley Company. This company takes an active part in the community projects targeting at the protection of the environment and minimization of emission of CO2 and other dangerous elements. The Vancouver Trolley Company promotes the idea of the wider use of non-fossil fuels in order to decrease substantially the emission of dangerous elements, stop the air pollution, which actually leads to the deterioration of the environmental situation and contributes consistently to the global warming and climate change. At the same time, on the local level people also feel the negative impact of green-house gasses emission since they influence not only the environment but also health of the local population. Therefore, the use of trolleys by the company and its support of the wider introduction of vehicles using non-fossil fuel, as well as the use of alternative sources of energy, such as solar power, is the major priority of the company. Obviously, such a policy has a positive impact on the local community and this policy is socially responsible because the company supports environmental projects which aim at the well-being of the local community in the long-run perspective.

2. Research your local government, such as the municipality where your home or school is located, to determine what services are offered to the community. You can also research community organizations and service groups (such as Kiwanis) or nonprofit agencies or charities that are active in your community.

Traditionally, one of the major purposes of the functioning of the government is the development of social programs which facilitate the life of the local community and stimulates its socioeconomic and cultural development. In this respect, the local authorities in Vancouver, also attempt to develop socially-oriented programs and support community projects oriented on the improvement of the life of people in local communities. In actuality, the local government pays a particular attention to the improvement of the local health care services. In spite of the fact that the local health care system constitutes an integral part of the national health care system, it still needs the support of the local authorities, especially in the current situation when the entire country is struck by a profound economic crisis. Basically, the local authorities provide local health care organizations with financial support as well as they stimulate charity aiming at the support of health care organizations in the community.

In addition, the local authorities are particularly concerned with the development of local education, especially public schools. In fact, today education is very important and it lays the foundation for the future professional career of students. In such a situation, it is impossible to ignore the development of the public education and the local authorities attempt to make education available to all people living within the local community. At the same time, it is obvious that providing educational opportunities, the local government and community invest in their own future because well-qualified specialists can boost the economic development on the regional level.

Along with the local government, there is a number of non-profit organizations participating in various community and humanitarian projects. In this respect, it is possible to mention Kiwanis, which comprises local volunteers who assist disadvantaged people in the community to ease their life. To put it more precisely, Kiwanis build playgrounds and organize pediatric researches among the poorest population, they feed hungry and help shelter the homeless. Obviously, the activity of such non-profit organizations is very important for the local community because it helps integrate marginalized people into the local community and provide them with an opportunity to start a normal life.

3. Based on the research, determine whether there is a potential for local companies to get involved in supporting social causes in the community through partnership with either local governments or service groups.

Today, the local government and numerous non-profit organizations attempt to stimulate companies to support socially-oriented initiatives which aim at the improvement of the quality of life within the community. For instance, the local government stimulates charity through the establishment of fiscal privileges to companies which are supporting social programs and community projects. At the same time, many non-profit organization engage companies to support their own projects and companies are really interested in such projects because the participation in the projects allows companies to improve their public image and draw the public attention not only to specific projects they support but also to products and services of companies.

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