It may sound odd but it was unrequited love to cause my quitting that pernicious habit.


Enduring anything of a kind people usually get engrossed in their work or try to flee from reality by means of booze. I tried to work a lot and at the same time, I felt some inner need for breaking off smoking. Actually, I had tried to do so several times before but always failed.

However, having met that girl I felt as though she would have been mine provided I quit smoking. Nevertheless, I failed in love the need for quitting smoking did not abandon me.

Anybody who has ever experienced anything of a kind knows that such failures heavily injure the self-esteem so I felt it a matter of  self-assertion to manage quitting smoking.

I must mention that the need for quitting smoking I felt was not imposed upon me by anything from outside but was coming somewhere out of my inner mind. That was something I WISHED MYSELF. The Lord endowed us with the Free Will so we are free to choose our way of life. Nobody can be forced to do what he/she hates doing. Therefore, I was quitting smoking WISHING IT MYSELF.  I have realized that, as I hate smoking I am able not to do so but am able to tolerate others’ weakness.

As I was getting rid of the need for cigarettes and looking at my friends-smokers I began to ponder over the nature of addicting to smoking and the nature of my success and came to conclusion that it was faith that helped me to get rid of it. As far as I can judge the nature of my faith was similar to that of Biblical David who being a frail youth managed to defeat a heavily equipped giant by means of a primitive slingshot.

Having quitted I noticed another change in my attitude to myself and to other people. It was not at all that, I have assumed myself superior to others. I realized that I am able not to follow others moreover, live my own way. As I used to try to quit smoking before I used to feel a crucial need for taking another inhalation of nicotine. However, as I was quitting last time I felt no need for smoking when being present among smokers.    As the ancients said, the most glorious victory is that one you get over yourself. It is more difficult because we feel always a pity to ourselves.

Therefore, there are pretty more opportunities for treachery. As any pity it is mistreating any pity it destroys our soul. Every time we indulge ourselves, we ruin our divine image and likeness we were created in committing a crime against God.

Consequently we are being punished for them. Indulging our lust, we endure venereal diseases.

Indulging our gluttony, we are getting involved into alcohol and drug abuse.

After all, I believe it was not in vain it was love, that helped me to bring me to overcome a vice I had been cherishing for years and has almost lost the hope to get rid of.

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