In the current essay we will explain why some racial and ethnic groups are overrepresented on the streets and others are not, and why some races are overrepresented in categories of homelessness as opposed to other races.

Homeless ”“ is a category of persons who do not have their homes. Homelessness ”“ is one of mankind’s global problems which has the lack of housing opportunities of a large number of people worldwide and generated by various causes of global, regional and local importance, both subjective and objective nature. Homelessness can have the character of a chronic or situational, homelessness can be voluntary or involuntary.

The social stratification of the homeless are lower class, and since they are for the most part do not have a regular job and do not look for it – the majority of homeless refers to the part which is called the underclass (passive poor), as described in Homelessness.

In ancient times, when people are in comparison with the present was a little bit, the problem of building their own home was not as strong as now. Now in towns and cities there is no “draw” the land on which to carry out the construction without violating anyone’s proprietary rights. Lack of funds for the purchase or rental of a shelter ”“ is one of the main causes of “homelessness.” Homelessness occurs mainly for financial reasons and is a consequence of a failure to provide proper housing.

It may be voluntary or involuntary, constant (called chronic) or temporary.
The number of homeless people in the world for evaluation in 2005 was about 100 million people. They often live on the streets, usually carry with them all their possessions. Some of them are sleeping under bridges in cardboard boxes or tents and warmed by the fires, divorced in garbage cans. Others prefer the parks and benches, but there are cases when they are sleeping on the sidewalks. They are often dressed in rags and dirty things found in the trash, sometimes several pairs worn on each other for easy carrying. Some of them have a physical or mental disability, and therefore it is very difficult to find work. Depending on the country and the seriousness of this problem, some cities provide shelters for the homeless where they can spend the day or night, but they are often insufficient to provide housing for those in need. Some of these shelters provide only a place to sleep, and feed some visitors. In many cases, these institutions are not safe for visitors because of lack of sufficient number of guards, which leads to some attacks on other users, so that homeless people often prefer to sleep in safer homes, despite the cold, as described in Invisible people: life through eyes of the homeless.

In many cities of the U.S. authorities have taken stringent measures to combat the phenomenon of homelessness, for example, do not use the park after sunset, it is forbidden to beg, it is forbidden to sit or lie on sidewalks. In many cases, in parks or at bus stops no pews or benches are equipped with armrests, nuisance to lie on the bench. Also, in many cases it is forbidden to walk along the highway. For violations of these laws is often the homeless are put in jail, that in many cases saves their lives, especially in winter. A separate category includes people who have no shelter, the right under the official definition of “personal accommodation.” These people live in substandard dwellings. These may include: basements, barns, attics, or place of work, where to live is not entitled to by law.

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