Rap Is In The Heart Term Paper

What role does music play in our life today? Undoubtedly, it is a powerful force that has its own fashionable trends, its themes, messages and, of course, its influence on people. Music has particular impact on teenagers who cannot help listening to music everywhere they go, whatever they do. It is known that such music trend as rap has become especially popular among young people. This fact causes heated discussions as rap music is considered to have bad influence on teenagers and to involve them into gangster life. In my perspective, this is a preconceived opinion. Rap singers do not promote violence with their music. Rap has become a way to express themselves as any other trend of music for any other singer. Rappers creatively tell their stories in order for others to learn from their mistakes and to help people to improve their lives.

It is thought that rap promotes images of drunk and drug abused young men and half-naked and vulgar girls. Rap is accused in provoking teenagers to drink, take drugs and have casual sex. Therefore, musical critics blame rap for instilling pernicious habits and ideas to teenagers. “The censors have their fingers poised over the erase button” (Sexton 26).  However, it is absolutely one-sided view. In any realistic form of art one can see good and bad images, whereas it is important to develop the correct attitude to them.

From my point of view, rap music, as any other kind of music, should be treated reasonably. It does not belong to light music, which can be listened without any consequences. Those grown-ups who take active part in the bringing up of children should not omit such sphere of teenagers’ interests as music preferences. Whether the adolescent likes listening to rap, his parent should bother about the choice of the songs and about the teenager’s attitude to the content of these songs. As any serious thing rap music, as well as the message of the songs, should be explained to children.

To make a conclusion, the preconceived opinion of the rap music should be changed today. It is high time to understand that rap music gives lessons that should be correctly understood and explained to teenagers who do not have their own system of values yet. As any music trend, rap has more and less worthy representatives, but it does not mean that rap music should be cancelled in general.

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