Reaction Essay Paper

“Paris Je T’aime”¯ is one of those films that leave a deep impression in the heart of the viewer. This film touches the soul as it depicts one of the most magnificent things in the world ”“ LOVE within people belonging to different cultural origins. Nevertheless the film does not only show plain stories which are born on the streets of Paris but reveals the depth of the social issues underneath them. The film is very unusual due to the fact that it does not have one solid plot but consists of many short stories created by different directors. Though these stories are short they manage to show the “essense”¯ of the person and of the situation. “Paris Je T’aime”¯ shows people from different cultures who live in Paris and the social difficulties they face within their life. Some of the people in the film are immigrants and have a hard time living in Paris like the young latin-american woman, who has to leave her infant son to take care of another infant in order to earn money to survive in Paris. Another bright example is a beautiful young Islamic girl, who faces negative attitude only because she covers her head with a kerchief. The film does not tell something new as it is common knowledge that such phenomenon as prejudice, discrimination or even xenophobia. The main point of the film is to show that it is possible to keep love inside the heart no matter what difficulties the person faces. “Paris Je T’aime”¯ promotes the strengthening of mutual understanding and cultural connections among people. This film makes the viewer meet people belonging to different nationalities, social classes, generations and cultures. This film includes such terms as discrimination, internalized stigma, prejudice, sexism and even xenophobia.

This movie has almost every delight of love. It also shows the beauty of a human relationship. It reminds me of a story about the Islamic girl ”“ I have truly never seen such a touching story which occurs on the background of prejudice. And, as in every story, it wouldn’t be such if there wasn’t an echo of the past love, which went away but left a print”¦

This film is fairly called – 120 minutes in Paris. It looked like a tour around the city. I saw the most fascinating places of Paris in between the stories. And watching the stories I got the feeling I was there, walking in the streets, observing the people’s lives. It’s a long trip full of experience without a movie.

Our lives are so dramatically different. We meet each other so differently, get divorced in a such different way. We love in such different, unusual ways. Every 5-minute story lives its own life, atmosphere, its sense, it’s destiny. As is has been mentioned above the directors do not repeat themselves, they show their own individual cultural and social moments. They show something that cannot be repeated. The situations and characters are so unlike. They may look like simple sketches, that every person has experiences. Someone may find it familiar, someone may feel it’s so close!

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