Readmission Petition essay paper

In our life we often commit actions that we cannot logically explain even to ourselves. I, in person, experienced such a situation when I have been dismissed from my university. However, at the moment I perfectly realize that it was justified decision and it was basically my fault that I had failed to do my best to succeed in my academic and social activities, while being at the University. Now I do want to be admitted back because I am conscious of the fact that without my grade I will not be able to make a good career, develop my own vision of the surrounding world, acquire important social experience and realize my potential.

In fact, I think that it was really useful for me to be dismissed because after that I reevaluated my attitude to my learning at the University and I believe that I have changed my lifestyle totally. At any rate, now I am quite different person because I want to be readmitted to the University and, what is more important, I do know what I actually want from my education at the University. I know that the University is the place where I can construct the basis of my future professional career and develop my basic philosophical concepts. At the same time, readmission is also a great challenge for me, which I believe can make me much better because though overcoming such challenges we become stronger, more intelligent and experienced.

This is why I sincerely believe that my irresistible desire to succeed at the University, being based on my hard work, will bring positive results and I will be able not only to learn but also take an active part in the social life and University activities.

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