Reflection Paper essay

Traditionally, homosexuality was perceived negatively by the society and the negative attitude of the society toward same-sex couples may be traced through the position of outstanding people living at different epochs, such as Immanuel Kant, Thomas Aquinas, Richard Mohr, and Michael Levin. In fact, their views mirror the dominant social views on same-sex couples and their legal status in the society. As a rule, the society condemned same-sex couples while homosexual relationships were outlaw.

At first glance, the attitude to homosexuality could evolve in the course of time along with the democratization of the society and morals. In this respect, the past society was particularly severe in relation to homosexual couples. In this respect, it is possible to refer to the works by Thomas Aquinas who considered sexuality one of the most serious vices. In fact, he rejected any experiments in the sexual life of people, to the extent that he insisted on the very conservative sexual life and minimization of the impact of sexuality on the life of people. Basically, Immanuel Kant supported his views, although Kantian views were less severe and rigid in regard to sexuality, but his attitude to homosexual couples was negative. As for Richard Mohr and Michael Levin they were also opponents of homosexual relations or, at least, legalization of same-sex couples.

Thus, it is possible to conclude that same-sex couples were and still are perceived negatively by the society and outstanding thinkers reject homosexual relations as a norm. Instead, they insisted and still insist on the ban of legalization of homosexual relations, while philosophers of the past, such as Thomas Aquinas viewed homosexuality as a terrible vice.

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