Reflective Paper The Importance of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management plays an important role in the successful development of any organization. It is known that human resources are considered to be the major tool of the effective implementation of organization strategies. It is impossible to imagine a successful corporation which does not pay special attention to its human resources. As a matter of fact, corporations are always trying to find the better ways for production of goods or services. Of course, new technologies facilitate the development of organizations. However, it is not enough. It is very important to have an adequate human resources department which will make it possible to hire those employees who will have enough knowledge to put these new technological innovations into practice. Let’s take, for example, such huge automobile companies as Ford and General Motors which spent millions of dollars to modernize the production of cars and to develop the appropriate skills in the high-efficiency manufacturing. It is clear that to achieve success these companies require not only the highly-skilled, reliable and self-motivated work force but also path-breaking management. Human resources department will make it possible to achieve the major goals of the organization.

My goal in this reflective paper is to discuss the importance of human resource management in the organization. In order to achieve this goal it is necessary to analyze the main areas of Human Resource Management and to explain how these aspects work together to perform the primary function. Moreover, the paper includes some personal experiences, important facts and events concerning the main issue.

Human Resource management includes a great variety of different issues which are closely connected with the main role ”“ to maximize the organization’s productivity by means of the appropriate optimization of the employees’ effectiveness.
EEO and Affirmative Action

The terms Equal Employment Opportunity (or EEO) and Affirmative action are well known to any human resource manager because the key principles of these terms help to achieve the major strategic goals of the organization.

Equal Employment opportunity is against discrimination in the workplace. It ensures that all the employees including males and females, and all the races have equal rights and opportunities not only the process of hiring and training but also during the competence for senior positions in the organization. (Sims, 2002, p.276)

Affirmative Action is also connected with nondiscrimination. The major goal of affirmative action is to improve the economic status of females, minority groups which include Asians, native Indians and others, and employees with disabilities in the workplace. It is related to employment, promotion, education and training, and business ownership. (Holzer & Neumark, 2006, p.1)
There are many examples when African Americans, Asians and other representatives of minority groups were discriminated at the workplace. For example, Tom Ross, a young black man who worked for some insurance company was ignored by the chief when Tom asked him to give him promotion. However, Tom Ross had a lot of skills and experience and could perform the duties of the new position, a position of the senior manager, in a proper way. (Kivel, 1997, para.5)
Human resources planning, recruitment and selection

It is known that human resource planning depends on the effective human resource management. The specialists of the human resource department are responsible for hiring good employees and responding conflicts which may take place between the employees and the managers. They also determine the number of employees and the type of specialists necessary for the organization. One more important thing is that they are also responsible for recruiting of new employees and for filling new positions which appear in the organization. The human resource managers organize training of the employees in order to improve productivity and satisfaction of the employees. Finally, the specialists of the human resource department are responsible for creating a workers’ compensation plan and different benefit packages for those employees who achieved success in the organization.
So, human resource planning is one of the key components of the organization’s strategic business planning which is important as a competitive advantage in the market. An effective human resources planning will help to avoid cost errors. (Sims, 2002, p.107)

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