Relationships are everything term paper

I want to begin my story with the statement that relationships are everything. I think that you will be surprised by my beginning but I have a right to say in such way. I want to be honest with you and tell you my experience that I received through one mistake on my part. It was a valuable lesson to me that gave me chance to understand that relationships are everything and person’s life is the most valuable thing in the world.

To make mistake is a human quality but not every person can understand that mistake is a result of own actions and thoughts. Let my mistake highlights the importance of learning from one’s mistakes and moving forward. Now having own valuable experience I know that all spheres of life must be in balance and if you try to pay much attention to one sphere than something could happen in another. I think that you are ready to listen to my story and it will help you find some wisdom in my words and put a strong perspective on how personal mistakes can lead you to another way of life perception.

One sunny day my good friend called me and asked to listen to her story or visit her on weekend because she had something to tell me. Her voice was very alarmed and I understood it at once but I didn’t pay any attention on her emotions and frankly speaking I had no time to think about somebody’s problems. I as well said that I will call her later and than we will talk. The whole my day was like a horrible dream and I forgot about my friend. In the next morning my friend once more called me and asked to listen to her story but I again had no time and say that I should be in time on one important meeting and promised to call her in the evening. I didn’t make it again in the evening and in the next morning too. I forgot my promise because my chief suggested me to visit our partners in another country and I decided to do it with great pleasure. This visit can help me to open my new career horizons and approve that I’m a good specialist. Before my trip I called my friend and said that I’m very ill and had no forces to visit her. When I was in another country I met there my friend. She was very surprised to see me and said that she called me for many times with an aim to know how I feel myself and maybe I need some medicine. I lied that my chief brought me to do visit in this country in spite of my illness and I couldn’t did something. It was horrible lie and she understood it from the first second. In several minutes she turned round and left me without any word. When I came back home I called her and unknown voice said that she is in hospital. It was out of the blue for me and I was in shock. When I visited her in hospital she didn’t want to talk with me and asked to leave her. I couldn’t understand what happened but I distinctly understood that it was my mistake that I had no time for my friend’s problems. My friend was diagnosed a cancer and she needed my help. I know good doctors and she needed to visit them. Oh, I had no time even to talk with her”¦

As you see from my story my mistake was in my egoism because I thought only about myself and forgot about people who were around me.

Now all is alright in our relations but it cost me a lot of efforts to apologize. I found the best doctors and for my great happiness she is not ill now. Previous blood test was a mistake and she is healthy. I am thank God that all is alright but I understand that relationships are everything.

It is a valuable lesson for me don’t put own interests on the first place and remember own promises. I always want people to be honest with me but in my case I lied to the friend and even didn’t think that she can disturb about me and I made bad deed. Several days ago I have read one phrase by the unknown author from Be Thankful: “Be thankful for your mistakes. They will teach you valuable lessons.” I understood that it is golden words which allow us not to be angry on own deeds and words but be thankful for them and take valuable lessons from different situations. My lesson is also concludes in possibility to look at situation by another eyes and become more patient for my relatives and friends, even to unknown people. All of us are people with emotions and own lives, we should be, first of all, good people with kind hearts and only than good workers in our companies. I’m really sorry for my heartless behavior and understand that my mistake sort of reflected on our relationships. Denis Waitley said that “Mistakes are painful when they happen, but years later a collection of mistakes is what is called experience.” I think that my case is the best experience for me and in future I will never do the same. I have a dream to change my character and now I directly understand what qualities in my character should be changed and why it will be good not only for me but also for all people who are in contact with me. For the end of my story I want to add that every person has second chance to improve situation and change something in the life.

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