Religious Beliefs

To begin with, it can be said that Judaism – is religious, ethnic and ethical world of the Jewish people and one of the oldest monotheistic religions in the world. The distinguish feature of Judaism lies in the fact, that in this religion there is no uniform and commonly recognized institution or person, who have the authority as the source of law. In turn, the sources of law (Halakhah) of the modern Orthodox Judaism are: Tanakh (written Torah) and the Talmud (oral Torah). As a fact, Halakhah governs the areas of Jewish life, which in other jurisdictions are governed by criminal, civil, family and corporate law. One of the external symbols of Judaism from the XIX century ”“ is the six-pointed David’s star. More ancient symbol of Judaism is the menorah, which, according to the Bible and tradition, stood in the Tabernacle and the Temple of Jerusalem, as described in Jewish beliefs.
As a fact, Judaism has several doctrines, which help to understand and also distinguishes it from other religions. These doctrines give rise to the deepest philosophical and religious insights, revealing the depth of its content for all ages with more and more parties. The doctrine of the equality of all men in their relationship to God considers that every man is the son of God, every road is open to improvement in the direction of union with God, and all people are given the means to achieve this purpose – a free will and divine help. It means that the Jewish people have a special mission, which consists in divining the truth to mankind and through it to help mankind become closer to God. To implement this task, God made a covenant with the Jewish people and gave him commandments. Moreover, the doctrine of complete domination of the spiritual principle of the matter values the material world: God ”“ is absolute Lord of matter, as its creator: and He gave man dominion over the material world to a material body and material world to carry out your ideal destination, as stated in What Do Jews Believe?
It is essential to note that Jews are the only example in the mankind history when a nation was able to preserve their religion, culture and traditions despite the fact that this nation has not their own land and country for more than 2000 years. Moreover, scattered across countries and all the continents Jewish communities have maintained their authenticity and language and saved their faith. It should be noted that among the Jews in the Diasporas has always been a strong desire to return to the “Promised Land”. Since the XII century the persecution of the Jews by the Christian church has led to their inflow to the Holy Land, as described in What Beliefs Do Jews Share?
I am convinced that Judaism as a connecting link played extremely important role in this process. Without any doubts, the confidence and faith of the Jews in the fact that they are God’s chosen nation has allowed them to pass through all the hardships and privations of life in the Christian and Muslim countries as well as through the Holocaust. Consequently, it is absolutely reasonable that as a reward for all the centuries of hardships and tribulations the Jewish state on its original territory in 1948 was created.


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