Report on Sustainability of a Consumer Product Technology

Overview of the manufacturing of the product globalization
There are a great number of shoe manufacturers in the world. According to statistical data, the USA has more than 100 shoe manufacturers while the total number of them is more than one thousand. They use different technologies in shoe production. Some of them are the following ones:
Ӣ Wenzhou Jierda Shoes Co, LTD (China) which produces different types of footwear using up to date technologies.
Ӣ Cosmos Shoes International (Taiwan) which produces sport shoes made from artificial leather.
Ӣ Kisas Shoe (Turkey) which produces different types of women shoes at reasonable prices.
Ӣ NIKE (USA) which produces high quality sport shoes made from up to date materials including leather and fabrics.
Ӣ Adidas (Germany) which produces athletic shoes made from up to date artificial materials. (Raghuvanshi, 2010, para.6)
Main constituents (raw materials)which are used in manufacturing
It is known that most shoes are made from leather at the top with a rubber based sole. The raw materials which are used in shoe production include the following ones:
Ӣ plastic;
Ӣ canvas;
Ӣ wool;
Ӣ suede;
Ӣ artificial leather;
Ӣ nubuck;
Ӣ rubber;
Ӣ fabric. (Raghuvanshi, 2010, para.3)

It is necessary to say that shoes themselves do not have any environmental impacts but the process of manufacturing can cause environmental pollution due to the fact that the materials which are used for shoe production can eject toxic gases to the atmosphere and pollute air.
It is known that many shoe factories take certain measures to reduce the environmental impact of their production processes. For example, Deckers Outdoor Corporation is ready to provide environmental sustainability and to prove the fact that its manufacturing does not damage the environment as well as the product is clean. (Kolp et al., 2008, p.2)

Lifestyle issues
The above mentioned product is of great necessity that is why the production of footwear should not be reduced. This product is very important not only to western lifestyles but also to other lifestyles because shoes are worn by all the people in the world.
Planned obsolescence market issues
It is clear that the shoes which were bought last season tears and wears out. That is why it is necessary to buy a new pair of shoes. The other reason to change the old footwear to a new one is in fact that fashion trends can vary practically each season. In order to follow the fashion, it is necessary to buy new footwear each season. So, we cannot reduce purchases of this product.
Reduction opportunities
As the footwear which costs rather low comparing with high quality leather shoes, contains a great deal of toxic materials which can damage human health, it is necessary to reduce production of low quality footwear.
Reuse opportunities
Old footwear can be easily donated to the developing countries where the level of living is rather low, where unemployment does not give any opportunity to buy new footwear each season.
Direct reuse of shoes is one of the established methods to gather old shoes. These second-hand shoes can be distributed both to the local population and to the population of developing countries. (Rahimifardet al., 2007, p.4)

It is known that the worn shoes can be recycled by means of the following ways:
”¢ material recycling which makes it possible to use material produced from the worn shoes at ones discretion, for example Nike’s recycling program which is called Reuse a shoe has a special recycling scheme according to which absolutely new material is produced. This material will be used for covering sport grounds and tennis courts.
Ӣ Energy recovery is recycling method when worn shoes are used to generate electricity. It is known that energy recovery from worn shoes includes a great deal of modern technologies such as gasification, incineration.(Rahimifard et al., 2007, p.5)
It is known that worn footwear is recycled in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe. (Footwear Recycling Economics, 2009, para.8)

Ӣ Footwear products are sustainable products because they can be recycled and reused;
Ӣ Footwear products are essential for all the people in the world because they protect feet from cold, damages and decorate them.
Ӣ Footwear products should not be reduced in production because they are important for all the people.
Ӣ Footwear products during the process of recycling may pollute air that is why special protective measures should be taken.

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