Report on the Usefulness of Birth Order as a Construct

It is known that everyone in the world has his or her birth order which makes all the people different and even unique. A great deal of factors influence the shaping of personality such as age, gender, race, birth order. According to the research data, birth order plays an important role in shaping the personality. (Barash, 2005, p.810)
Definition of terms
Birth order is a rank of a person in comparison with his or her siblings. Birth order as a rank among children in the family may be of the following types:
”˘ firstborn;
”˘ middleborn;
”˘ lastborn;
”˘ the only child;
”˘ twins. (Barash, 2005, p.807)
The usefulness of birth order
According to the numerous researches carried out by the experts in the sphere of psychology, it is known that birth order is used in different cases of human relations:
”˘ Birth order is necessary to get information concerning personal relations between family members, friends and colleagues.
”˘ Birth order helps to find out a compatible match to this or that person.
”˘ Birth order influences personality.
”˘ Birth order is used in planning career. (Barash, 2005, p.814)
The opinions of experts in the sphere of psychology concerning the significance of birth order

A lot of different psychologists and other experts have already touched upon the theme of the significance of birth order. Among them is Dr. Kevin Leman, a well known psychologist who has written a great number of interesting articles concerning this issue. He is sure that the birth order of children is closely connected with their behavior which is very important in shaping personality. (Rutherford, 2009, para.3)

For example, Dr. Kevin Leman gives the following characteristics to the firstborns: they are well organized, detail oriented, reliable, responsible leaders who do not like surprises. They can be called “the movers and shakers of life”ť because the firstborns always take the first positions in the society, they never look back. Dr. Kevin Leman can easily describe each birth order type and connect hid descriptions to the future career of the representatives of each type.

So, the firstborns take the leading positions in our society. They may be chiefs, presidents, teachers, and so on. Dr. Kevin Leman is sure that it is necessary to pay attention to the birth order of a child while he or she is going to choose his or her future occupation. (Rutherford, 2009, para.5)

Another expert, a scientific historian Frank Sulloway proved the fact in his book Born to Rebel that birth order influences greatly the major personality traits. He argues that firstborns are more independent and conscientious than middleborns and lastborns. One more major finding of Frank Sulloway is that firstborns are fight for the status quo while lastborns very often rebel against it. One of the most important roles in the development of personality is given to the family which “has a powerful interpersonal dynamics”ť. (, 2000)
Analysis of my own birth order

I’d like to represent my own birth order and to connect the major characteristics of this type with my personality.
I am a middle born. I have two brothers and two sisters. Unfortunately, my oldest brother who is younger than me and my youngest sister who is older than me are both deceased. My older sister is three years older than me and my younger brother is seven years younger. As I am a middleborn, I have the following traits of character: I am a good listener and negotiator. I am rather flexible and sometimes competitive. I know how to deal with people. Moreover, I can say that I am an independent person and a leader in my family although these traits of character should represent the firstborns.

I should say that I have never had any problems with my parents although it is known that the middleborns are the opposite of the firstborns. I can say that I have never been punished by my parents because I have always respected authority. My career is connected with the ruling class that is why I decided to be a restrained person. I am a director of the Missionary intercessors and fire starters. My goals in life made me competitive, and strive for perfection. I prefer to compete with somebody in order to achieve my goals because I want to be a high achiever.
My relation to other people is positive. Moreover, I should say that I love people and try to understand their problems and lend them a helping hand. Very often I visit sick people and try to help them using all my skills and experiences.

I am a peace maker. I have my ministry of help.
In conclusion, it is necessary to say that birth order plays an important role in the development of personality. The major traits of character of this or that type are closely connected with birth order. It is a construct of personal behavior and future career.

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