Research on Animals Essay

Is it ethical to conduct research on animals when it causes immense pain and discomfort?

Today many people are eager to declare their love for animals and join the ranks of animal activists. However, in practice few of them are aware of animals’ oppression in today’s world; even fewer are ready to take active measures against it. Nowadays more and more animals suffer from medical experiments and millions of animals lives are sacrificed for the sake of doubtful aims. In other words, the aims of saving human lives sound very important and noble, but to what extent do animals contribute to it?

There is no doubt that animals help much in the investigation of different diseases and reactions to various medicines. On the one hand, I do not deny animals participation in certain medical experiments unless it does not harm them. On the other hand, pain and suffering of animals cannot justify experiments on them as if they were insensible robots. Moreover, today it is proved that the results of testing on animals can be absolutely useless while applying them to people. More and more renowned scientists come to a conclusion that animals cannot contract human diseases or cannot have the same clinical course. “Studies have shown time and again that researchers are often wasting lives, both animal and human, and precious resources by trying to infect animals with diseases that they would never normally contract” (Stop Animal Tests).

What is more appalling is that animals are often used to test new kinds of food for animals, which is not necessary at all. Very often such research results in animals’ deaths. For instance, in the laboratories of Iams dogs and cats suffered and died, after participation in some experiments.

Taking everything into account, it is urgent to stop oppression of animals and encourage search of new ways to conduct medical experiments without losing lives of animals and people. One of such ways out is the usage of human cells. Thus, for example, the National Cancer Institute uses human cancer cells to test new anti-cancer drugs(Stop Animal Tests).

To make a conclusion, killing animals for the sake of seemingly significant experiments cannot be justified. I believe, it is necessary to investigate carefully whether experiments on animals do save people’s lives. Nevertheless, the inadmissibility of painful testing on animals is beyond any doubt.

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